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Feng Shui: Using These Paint Colors in Your Bedroom Brings Luck

Feng Shui: Using These Paint Colors in Your Bedroom Brings Luck (pxfuel)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – The color of paint in the bedroom has an important role for the balance and influence of your life.

Apply the colors of fire to create the spirit and energy. The balanced Feng Shui fire element in your room will bring energy support for all your career endeavors and will help you gain recognition.

Fire will also invite passion and romance into your life. The colors of fire according to Feng Shui Kang Hong Kian, are, Red, Orange, Purple, Pink, Dark yellow.

Include ground-based color for maintenance and stability. The powerful and harmonious element of earth Feng Shui in the home will create stability, nurture and maintain all your relationships. The colors of earth are: Yellow, Cream.

You can also include metal-based colors for purity and precision. The metal element of Feng Shui brings the quality of sharpness, precision, purity, and efficiency; Its balanced presence makes your life pure and bright. The metallic colors are; Gray and White.

In addition, enter pastel colors to add peace and quiet in the bedroom. The most important thing is you can feel at ease in the bedroom and enjoy a good night's sleep.

Having bright, soft, and pastel colors in the bedroom will add peace and peace of mind. Here are the colors you can use: Light blue, Light Pink, Light green, Light purple.