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This Woman Went From Heartbreak to Become a Billionaire Using Korean Skin Care

This Woman Went From Heartbreak to Become a Billionaire Using Korean Skin Care (instagram/marisayohanaa)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The local saying of "The Dukun Acts When Love is Rejected" does not apply to beautiful 28-year old Marisa Yohana. Marisa, the owner of a Korean Online Skin Care Shop named Beauty Labs has chosen to change her appearance.

Marisa admitted that she weighed up to 87 kilograms, had burnt skin, and frizzy hair when she was a teenager. Not only that, the tomboy Marisa also likes engaging in various sports activities such as football, volleyball, basketball, and swimming.

"The climax is when I experienced monkey love, and being rejected because I was physically ugly and unattractive. I felt rejected and hurt, and decided to begin making changes," Marisa, who is active in youth and church activities, said to Netralnews.

She remembered that a friend of hers offered Marisa to use Korean beauty products. Her best friend at that time was even able to shed weight from 100 kg to 60 kg by consuming Korean products.

"It's amazing (her best friend's experience). Why don't you try it? Who knows it'll make a difference," recalled Marisa.

The long-haired woman then tried to consistently use various Korean products step by step. Over time, Marisa admitted that there were results, and people began to wonder and asked about Marisa's changes.

Marisa herself was surprised by the change in herself, and many men began to approach her and like her. On the other hand, the women around Marisa began to feel curious, and asked to buy the various products used by Marisa. Starting from there, Marisa became a retailer and reseller, until finally she had enough money and opened her own business.

"When love is rejected, skin care acts. Revenge, make changes for the better. Those who didn't like me, in turn had a crush on me. However, I rejected them," Marisa said laughing, reminiscing about her past.

The Importance of Using Skin Care

Marisa also admitted to having another bitter experience when she was in the process of changing her appearance. When she was around 21-22 years old, Marisa failed to get married because her boyfriend cheated on her with a slimmer flight attendant.

She then testified that young people do not need to worry about finding love. According to Marisa, what is more important is to focus on education, career and other priorities, since unconsciously, good love will also follow.

"After I finished college, I did business, changed my appearance, and for some reason there were more people who had crushes on me. So it's good for young people to be patient, because everything will be beautiful in its time," said Marisa, who managed to become a billionaire.

For Marisa, a good career doesn't just come, but there is also a role in appearance. Therefore, she urged Indonesian women who are starting to turn 20 years old to pay attention to their appearance and not neglect their health. Appearance is important because we meet many people, both familiar and new. At least when we meet, there are impressions from the eyes that will later come down to feelings.

"Some people say that what is important is the inside, the personality. That's a lie. How can there be love if the outside (appearance) is not attractive. Good attitude and sincerity comes later. People usually see the physical aspect first, then the character," she explained.

Skin Care is Not Only for Women

Marisa also emphasized that skin care is no longer a necessity for women. Men also need to use skin care, especially those with high mobility because of the risk of making the skin dull, dirty, and acne prone.

"There is no need for heavy usage of skin care. Just use facial cleansers, creams, and sprays," said Marisa.

Marisa believes that with an attractive appearance, there is a good opportunity. These opportunities include work and a partner.

According to Marisa, the use of skin care is also very flexible, namely adjusting the needs of a person, such as to lose weight, brighten skin, or get rid of acne. If there has been a change and it is considered sufficient, then its use may also be stopped, but if it is not suitable, then it can be continued if you have plenty of money to spend.

"So you want to find products from head to toe, there are all of them. We (Beauty Labs) exist so that people are confident, because confidence is the beginning of success," said Marisa.

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