Saturday, 06 March 2021 | 00:36 WIB

People Who Have Taken COVID-19 Vaccine Should Still Follow Health Protocols

People Who Have Taken COVID-19 Vaccine Should Still Follow Health Protocols (setkab)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Vito Anggarino Damay, a health expert at the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) and Indonesian Junior Doctor Network (JDN), reminds those who have received COVID-19 vaccination to keep distance from people who are positive with COVID-19.

"People who have received vaccination still have a risk of spreading the virus," Vito said on Monday (02/22/2021).

Vito said that so far, the advice that people have to follow are still the same. The advice are washing hands, wearing a mask, avoiding the crowd, and reducing mobility so that people do not get infected or spread the virus to others.

If, after the vaccination, we have a contact with someone who turns out to be positive with COVID-19, we have to do the same procedures like the ones we did before vaccination, such as PCR test or at least antigen swab test.

"The procedures after the test are still the same, but it is expected for those vaccine receivers to not get treated in ICU or hospitalized. They just need to do self-isolation," he said.

Previously, the guides of the United States Centre for Disease Control (CDC) stated that people who have received COVID-19 vaccination do not have to do self-isolation if they get infected from people who have SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Even so, according to the CDC, those who have received vaccination still have to stay alert of COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days after they got infected. If they have symptoms, they have to go through an evaluation and COVID-19 test.

People also have to remember that they still have to follow the health protocols such as wearing a mask, social distancing, and avoiding a crowd and a room with bad ventilation.

“The vaccination makes someone become reactive when they do an antibody rapid test after the immune system appears. But it does not mean that they are positive,” explains Vito.

For the tips, Vito suggests people to prepare themselves before the vaccination, such as maintaining the blood pressure or other health problem.

He suggests people to not sleep late before the vaccination and hold themselves from consuming food that makes our body unfit. Vito does not mention specifically what kind of food but, according to him, if we consume spicy rujak and the next day we have stomach ache, then we are not eligible to receive vaccination.

"If we sleep late, our body will get tired. Then, we will get fever on the next day. That is why we cannot receive vaccination," he explained.

When vaccination day comes, it is better for us to calm ourselves. Do not smoke, drink coffee, or any food that can stimulate particular organs such as supplements or influenza medicine. Cough medicine that might contain ephedrine also cannot be consumed.

When we arrive at the vaccination location, do not rush ourselves. We have to be relaxed and do not do any heavy exercise for at least 30 minutes before the vaccination, because our blood pressure will be checked. When we sit, try to put both of our feet on the floor and our elbows are on a line with our heart.

Answer every question asked by the health workers honestly. For example, whether you have experienced a heart attack, weak heart, or if we feel tired after going up the stairs for 10 floors.

“You do not have to worry that your vaccination will get cancelled if you cannot answer one of the questions. That is a screening to ensure that all of us are safe. Side effects probably will appear but that is the risk you have to take when you receive vaccination. Of course, you already know that this vaccine is safe,” explains Vito, as quoted from Antara.

If your vaccination ends up getting cancelled, do not have to worry since there is next vaccination.

After the vaccination, you will be observed to see whether there are Adverse events following immunization (KIPI). Do not get anxious because the pain after the injection is relatively tolerable.

Remember to bring the proof of the first vaccination home and bring it again on the second vaccination.

Lastly, Vito suggests we spare our time for the vaccination and several hours after it. Do not do hectic schedules because there are side effects like hunger or drowsiness after the vaccination.