Tuesday, 09 March 2021 | 04:29 WIB

Taking a Peek at Andien Aisyah’s Healthy Lifestyle

singer Andien Aisyah and her healthy lifestyle (instagram)

JAKARTA, NNC - Many people today are more concerned about their lifestyle. Some of them even choose a lifestyle with a healthy pattern. Regular exercise, adequate rest, plus low-fat food supply become a small part of their lifestyle.

Interestingly, a series of public figures have also carried out the healthy lifestyle habit. Not only for the sake of supporting performances in public, they also do it to maintain their fitness. One of the artists implementing healthy lifestyle is Andien Aisha.

As part of the implementation of healthy lifestyle, Andien admitted to strictly maintaining her diet by avoiding consumption of foods that contain lots of sugar and carbohydrates.

"For me, my biggest enemies are sugar and carbohydrates. It does not mean I do not consume sugar and carbohydrates. I still consume them, but I put them at the lowest order of priority," the singer said.

Andien then revealed the composition of food she consumes to maintain good health. "On the top of priorities are protein, followed by vegetables, and then fruit, and last isthe carbohydrates and sugars. I consume protein the most in one day,” she said.

Not only that, Andien also often conducts pilates exercise to supplement her healthy lifestyle. Pilates is an exercise method developed by Joseph Hubert Pilates from Germany.

The exercise was developed in the early 20th century. This method focuses on flexibility throughout the body. This exercise can improve posture, and can also fix problems associated with abnormalities of the spine. (*)