Wednesday, 28 October 2020 | 03:09 WIB

Unique Facts about Lip Kissing, Much More Addictive than Drugs

Illustration: Couple. (doc/wallpaper hd)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Remember the first time you kissed someone? It may seem very strange, awesome, and magical that made you happy.

In sexual intercourse, kissing is also a foreplay that determines whether a partner is passionate when going to make love. And here are the unique facts about kissing.

1. Can burn calories

Not just make love, kissing alone is claimed similar to burning calories. Calories burned are about 1,500 calories per hour. Speaking of kissing techniques, French kiss technique is said to be able to activate the 34 muscles in the face.

2. Addictive

Addiction to kissing? Yes, do not be surprised because this is one of the shocking facts of kissing. When kissing, endorphins are released much stronger than the effects of morphine on drugs. As a result, a kiss is able to create an addiction.

3. Kiss is learnt in certain sciences

Although no one knows the reason why we kiss, but it turns out there is a science that studies about a kiss called philematology. On the other hand, the fear of kissing is called philemaphobia. The fear may be due to sexual violence, or some other reason.

4. Spreading the germs

According to a study, kissing can spread hundreds of germs. Therefore, paramedics advised us to brush our teeth first before kissing.

5. Hormone transfer

Another fact of kissing is a man transfers testosterone to women. The reason is men's saliva contains testosterone. And in the mucous membranes in the woman's mouth absorbs the testosterone so as to increase sexual arousal and desire for reproduction.

6. Sex begins from a kiss

It is impossible for couples to have sex with a person who is unable to kiss the partner well. Both men and women need a kiss before and after sex. According to psychologists, it is useful to maintain relationships in marriage. (*)