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Why China Has Aggressively Pursued Terroritorial Claims in South China Sea

Why China Has Aggressively Pursued Terroritorial Claims in the South China Sea

JAKARTA, NNC - South China Sea reporting in the West is the most biased and wrongful one against China and one, if not corrected, can lead to a disastrous war that no one wants.

This story is not about China, or Xi Jingping, aggressively trying to take over areas of sea that did not belong to China. It is about how US changed a post World War II world order established between it, China and England.

Let me start with Japan. After WWII, when Japan surrendered. Potsdam Declaration, also known as the Proclamation Defining Terms for Japanese Surrender, contains the following statement: “ the "Japanese sovereignty shall be limited to the islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, and such minor islands as we determine," as had been announced in the Cairo Declaration in 1943”. This document was signed with Chinese participation. That is the “we” in the sentence.

Please note that Japan was not allowed to have Okinawa, on which there has been years of protest against US military bases. Neither was Japan allowed to occupy the island “in dispute” with China. US recognized this fact from the end of WWII until 1951, when it convened the so-call “San Francisco Conference of 1951” by specifically excluding China. In it, US made unilateral arrangement that would deny Chinese ownership of the islands that it previously recognized as belonging to China right after WWII and put them all “in dispute”.

These include island “in dispute: with Japan, Philippines, Vietnam and all others.

To this day, Japan does not have sovereignty over the island “in dispute” with China. America took over its “administrative” duty at San Francisco Conference from China and promised to relay it to UN. It never did. US kept the “administrative” rights until 1971 and then gave to Japan, at the opposition of China. When US signed defense agreement with Japan, the document had to be modified to cover “administrative” regions, instead of just the sovereign areas like all the other defense treaties it signed with other countries.

For betraying China, US, in return, got Japanese record of biological experiments done on Chinese people without anesthetics as well as biological weapons and denial of atrocities against Chinese people during its invasion of China. Japan is a country whose territorial ambition exceeds the size of her sovereign lands. For lying and for hiding from war crimes shielded by US, Japan is willing to subject its country to be a shameless vassal state of US. It is a country existing in shame with national psychological ramifications.

Now let us talk about Philippines. Why did US not return the island “in dispute” with China back to the Philippines when it left as the colonial master of the Philippines? The answer is very simple - US knew that the island never belonged to Philippines.

When US defeated Spain and took over as the colonial master of the Philippines in 1898, these two countries signed the Paris Treaty of 1898. In it, both countries acknowledged that the territories of Philippines lied EAST of east meridian 118. The island in dispute? It lies west of east Meridian 118!

It is really that simple. Philippine did not grab these island until after the San Francisco Treaty of 1951, from a still-militarily-weak China. But for the policy of “anyone but China” by the world’s hegemony, there should have never had any dispute in the South China Sea.

It is the same story for all the other islands in South China Sea.

US not only recognized Chinese ownership of all the islands “in dispute” on South China Sea, it actually took Chinese soldiers to recover these islands there immediately after WWII. China simply did not have a ship like that in those days. They were using “junks - a derogatory term used by the British to describe Chinese ship then!!

The so-called dashed lines were drawn in 1947 after China recovered all the islands. The United Nation Convention of Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) did not come into existence until 1994, 47 years after the dash-lines were drawn. International laws generally do not apply retroactively to events that predated its own existence. If it did, then US would be in great, much greater, trouble than China. People of Haiwaii, Guam, Diego Garcia, California, its occupied islands in the Pacific etc., and even the native North Americans will want their land back lost due to aggression, brutality and an unjustified feeling of “exceptionalism”!!

Yet the only superpower in the world, and the only hegemony left, wants to force the laws of UNCLOS down the throats of Chinese people again, like the way the Western powers forced heroin down the throats of her people in the 1800s?

China is now STRONG ENOUGH to cause harm to US if US were to attack her. 15 years in Afghanistan, Iraq, and several years with ISIS, US is but fighting, at best, a draw in these countries, even with its superior air power. In the meantime, it is making sure that its military-industry complex is well taken care of way into the future, as its wars are continuously producing new enemies for it to fight for a long time to come!!

A prolonged fight with China 6000 miles from its coast? Don’t even think of winning it!

China never sees US as an enemy. But if US thinks China will ever bow down to its hegemony, then it better think twice. China, not like Japan, will never be a vassal country to anyone. Treat her with EQUALITY, and China will reciprocate.


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