Saturday, 23 January 2021 | 21:02 WIB

Jakarta Government Organizes Marathon to Socialize the Asian Games

Vice Governor Sandiaga Uno (right).

JAKARTA, NNC – DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to socialize the Asian Games event by holding a marathon, Vice Governor Sandiaga Uno said after the evaluation of the Asian Games event test at Luminor Hotel, Central Jakarta, Thursday (3/1/2018).

According to Sandi, marathon is important because based on data from Jakarta Smart City, only 20 percent of Jakarta residents who know there will be an Asian Games Games festival.

"So this socialization that we will carry on. There are some events such as 18 mini marathons, 8 kilometers, maybe later finish in GBK," said Sandi.

In addition to dissemination to the outside, vice governor also will disseminate to its ranks to campaign for Asian Games event at each meeting and hope Pemporv Jakarta city government employee enliven Asian Games.

"At every meeting in the provincial government, then we will provide our team and make sure the team is inherent in every employee administration to increase the sense of belonging '," said the vice governor.

Regarding transportation and facilitation issues related to the Asian Games, Vice Governor said it will continue to evaluate.

"The central issues related to traffic congestion. The central issue related to accreditation, and also with security, lighting around the venue," said Sandi as quoted by Antara.

The Asian Games will be held from 18 August to 2 September 2018. DKI Jakarta area gets the most number of venues in Palembang and West Java. To hold the biggest sporting event between countries in Asia, the government has built LRT, MRT, homestead athletes in Kemayoran, and all venues needed.