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Will Alex and Marc Marquez Compete in MotoGP Next Season?

Will Alex and Marc Marquez Compete in MotoGP Next Season? (autosport)

ROME, NETRALNEWS.COMAlex Marquez, the younger brother of MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez is said to be going up soon to the MotoGP race. Alex does have capabilities that are no less powerful than his brother. Not surprisingly, Pramac Ducati's team targeted him to appear at the MotoGP race next season. At the moment, Alex is in the middle of a race at the Moto2 race, a level below MotoGP.

Alex Marquez just won the first podium at the French GP. He is now ranked fourth in the Moto2 rider standings.

The Spaniard was quite excited by his chances of appearing in the MotoGP race to compete with his brother.

"I said I would not make a decision if I did not feel ready, this year I felt more prepared and I thought if I had a chance, I would of course take it. But, I still have to do my best for my current job," said Alex Marquez about his chances of becoming a MotoGP class as reported by Marca.

Pramac wants to sign Alex to replace Jack Miller whose contract will expire at the end of this season.

The head of the Pramac team, Francesco Guidotti has opened communication with manager Alex, Emilio Elzamora.

"We have met Alzamora to see if there is a possibility of bringing Alex here, that is a standard procedure: when a rider manager talks with us, we do it, in any case, we plan another meeting," Guidotti said.

"Jack doesn't have a contract for next year and we have to think of another solution if he wants to go to the manufacturing team or somewhere else, if we can't fulfill what he needs."

"We need to have a picture of the market and those who want to move from Moto2 to MotoGP with everything we can do. But we don't focus on certain riders and, if possible, we want to maintain our current pair of riders," Francesco explained.