Thursday, 06 Augst 2020 | 08:30 WIB

Indonesian National Rowing Team Competes in China

Indonesian National Rowing Team Competes in China (liputan6)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - As many as 22 dragon boat rowing athletes member of the National Sports Paddle Association of Indonesia (PODSI) are taking part in two China-ASEAN international championships in Guangxi, China.

Deputy Secretary General of PB PODSI Brata Hardjosubroto said the participation of the Indonesian team in the two tournaments was also a trial ahead of the 2019 Philippines SEA Games in November, and for the 2022 Asian Games.

"The Indonesian team will compete in the city of Biase in the open number 200 meters and 800 meters. Then on June 7 at the city of Nanning, still in Guangxi Province of China, to compete in the 200 meter and 500 meter numbers," said Brata.

The tournament was organized by the Guangxi Provincial Sports Service, China and was attended by 12 dragon boat clubs in China and teams from ASEAN countries.

The PODSI National Training Team consists of 22 athletes, accompanied by two trainers and one official, led by Prof. Dr. Nurdin Purnomo as team manager.

The 22 athletes were Raudani Fitra (25 years), Riana Yulistrian (26), Muh. Yunus Rustandi (25), Syahrul Saputra (29), Moch. Taufan Wijaya (24), Dedi Saputra (30), Andri Agus Mulyana (24), Mugi Harjito (28), Marjuki (28), Malzir Riyondra (27), Erwin David Monim (27).

Next is Muh. Fajar Faturahman (24), Arpan (28), Sutrisno (31), Spens Stuber Mehue (29), Rio Akbar (25), Poliyansyah (26), Anwar Tarra (32), Gandie (28), Tri Wahyu Buwono (24 ), Yuda Firmansyah (24), Chandra Destia Nugraha (27)

The coaches accompanying were Lampung and John Feter Matulessy, and Ripka Widjaja as team officials.

Brata said that the departure of the Indonesian dragon boat rowing team to China received independent cost support from PB PODSI coach Prof. Dr. Nurdin Purnomo who was also the team manager.