Thursday, 02 April 2020 | 11:27 WIB

Andy Ruiz Jr. Wants Rematch with Anthony Joshua in Mexico

World heavyweight boxing champion Andy Ruiz Jr. (cnn)

NEW YORK, NETRALNEWS.COM - World heavyweight boxing champion Andy Ruiz Jr. has welcomes the challenge of Anthony Joshua who wants a rematch. However, Ruiz Jr. only wants to do the match in Mexico, not in England as proposed by Joshua and his promoter, Eddie Hearn.

The Mexican-American boxer made a surprise at Madison Square Garden in New York when he defeated Joshua with TKO in the seventh round, thus winning three titles, namely WBA Super Championship, WBO and IBF.

After Ruiz Jr's amazing victory, Joshua and his promoter Eddie Hearn immediately expressed their intention to host a rematch in England, but the newly-crowned champion called himself more happy to hold a fight in his home country.

"I really want to do a rematch but first I have to talk to my team and find out," said the boxer nicknamed "The Destroyer" as reported by ESPN.

"I really want to be in Mexico, there has never been a heavyweight champion in Mexico so I want to present a rematch there."

"I still don't believe that this is true, all the results of hard work and dedication, I have made my dreams come true."

"We have worked for this all my life, it's amazing and I'm just excited."

While Joshua expressed interest in the second fight by saying: "He is the champion for now. Remember, he is the champion for now. I will be back. I have to get up. This is all part of the story and the journey."