Monday, 16 September 2019 | 15:29 WIB

Neymar’s Ankle Injury is Not Severe, Doctors Say

Neymar's Ankle Injury is Not Severe, Doctors Say (thesun)

PARIS, NETRALNEWS.COMThe ankle injury suffered by Neymar was not too severe. Previously, it was deemed that Neymar needed to undergo surgery for healing, but now Neymar can breathe a sigh of relief because his ankle ligament injury can be cured without surgery.

The injury was picked up by Neymar while playing in the Brazilian national team in a friendly match against Qatar, which was won by the Selecao 2-0 a few days ago.

This injury is a disaster for Neymar because he is certain he will not appear in the Copa America in his home country of Brazil.

After getting an examination from the Paris Saint-Germain medical team, the rich French club finally announced the star's condition on Sunday (06/09/2019).

"On Saturday 8 June, the doctor of PSG's main team, Dr. Laurent Aumont, along with renowned sports medicine expert Professor Gerard Saillant examined the condition of Neymar Jr's injury experienced in Brazil's preparations for Wednesday's Copa America," said an official statement club.

"Two doctors diagnosed that there was swelling of the ligaments in his right ankle. But there was no indication that they had to be operated on, only needed to recover by normal methods. PSG estimates that he will recover about four weeks later."

Brazil has immediately called on Chelsea midfielder Willian to replace Neymar at the Copa America later. Brazil will face Honduras in the first match.