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LeBron James Lets Anthony Davis Use Number 23 at Lakers

LeBron James Lets Anthony Davis Use Number 23 at Lakers (forbes)

LOS ANGELES, NETRALNEWS.COM - Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James says he has volunteered to give jersey number 23 to Anthony Davis, who had just joined the Lakers from the New Orleans Pelicans.

Reported by ESPN on Friday (6/28/2019) WIB, James will again use jersey number 6 which he used when playing for Miami Heat. In the inaugural season with the Lakers, James uses jersey number 23.

James also used number 23 at the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For Davis, the number 23 is a sacral number. Since Pelicans recruited Davis as the first choice of the 2012 NBA Draft, he always used the back number for seven seasons defending Pelicans.

James's decision to give number 23 to Davis was also reinforced by the leaked photo filming of the movie "Space Jam 2", starring both, on social media.

In the photo, James is seen using a uniform with a back number 6.

A number of reports say the Davis exchange agreement to the Lakers will be inaugurated on July 6, and now also involves the Washington Wizards who received a number of players from the Lakers.