Saturday, 14 December 2019 | 15:06 WIB

Peter Sagan Play Rubik’s Cube while at Tour de France

Peter Sagan Play Rubik's Cube while at Tour de France (bicyclingmagazine)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - In the midst of his busy race at the 2019 Tour de France, Slovakia's world bicycle racing champion Peter Sagan fills his free time by playing Rubik's cube.

His ability to play Rubik's cube was shared with his fans through uploading videos on his official Twitter account @petosagan.

"People ask me what I do during my free time on the tour. I like to finish rubik. I am not very good but I can finish it. Can you beat the time I got?" Sagan wrote in his twitter.

In the video, he showed his skills to complete the puzzle cube.

"People don't want to spend time with me because I am sometimes annoying, so I spend my time playing Rubik," he said.

While completing the rubik, Sagan continued talking and told his fans how to play right.

"When Daniel was busy making coffee, I was busy playing Rubik. Do you know how to solve it? I'm not too good at it but it would be nice if we had a hobby, right?"

Still concentrating on playing, he said that the day after the seventh stage of the race was a pretty good day, but he thought tomorrow would be a difficult day.

At the end of the video, he managed to finish the rubik's cube in 26 seconds. "And I finished my rubik."

On the eighth stage on Saturday will travel 200 km from Macon to St Etienne. Peter Sagan still ranks third in the general standings and still maintains his green jersey.