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Sebastian Vettel Relieved to Have Won Singapore Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel Relieved to Have Won Singapore Grand Prix (foxsport)

SINGAPORE, NETRALNEWS.COM - Sebastian Vettel has really had a beautiful day after winning the Singapore F1 Grand Prix on Sunday (9/22/2019) night. The Ferrari racer had been waiting for more than a year to get back to climbing the main podium in F1 racing. The win in Singapore brings Vettel's tally to 53 wins.

Vettel celebrated his victory on a light-studded highway track while his teammate, Charles Leclerc, completed the excitement of the team with the Prancing Horse logo as runner-up. There was a 1-2 finish for Ferrari that night.

"Everything might not go well, plus I made a mistake when racing at Monza, it was my fault. But overall it was part of the game. I have waited for a very long time. Sometimes this is how things can turn around," Vettel said, as quoted by the official webpage of F1.

Vettel arrived in Singapore under pressure after his car spun at Monza and was sanctioned by a steward for returning to the track in a dangerous manner. The four-time world champion was also the last time on the top podium in Belgium in August 2018.

Meanwhile, his 21-year-old teammate Leclerc won the hearts of the Ferrari fans after offering a win for the Italian team at home since they last won in 2010.

One week before Monza, the Monaco driver took Ferrari to win for the first time this season when at Spa, Belgium.

After that Leclerc was even touted as the number one racer Ferrari.

In the midst of a slightly controversial victory in Singapore, after benefiting from a Ferrari strategy that did the pitstop earlier than Leclerc, the podium was very meaningful for the German rider.

"I got a lot of energy in the past few weeks through messages I received from colleagues in the racing world, from those I have known for a long time, but especially from the fans," Vettel said.

"When you read the message and the struggles of people in their lives, some very deep and personal, it hit me and gave me a lot of confidence to keep trying," concluded Vettel.