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Gareth Bale Urged to Return to Tottenham Hotspurs

Gareth Bale Urged to Return to Tottenham Hotspurs (uefachampionship)

MADRID, NETRALNEWS.COM - Gareth Bale has made the situation worse for himself at Real Madrid after a mockery celebration of the Madrid-based club.

Therefore, former Madrid president Ramon Calderon advised Bale to return to his former club, Tottenham Hotspur. He said that there is now Jose Mourinho at Tottenham, who expressed his interest in working with Bale several times.

"It is true that Mourinho likes this player. He said that in 2017, when he tried to sign him for Manchester United, and Real Madrid decided to extend Gareth Bale's contract," Calderon said, as quoted by BBC.

"I remember him saying 'if he is at the exit, I will wait for him on the other side'. So maybe this is a solution," he added.

The big problem for Tottenham is Bale's significantly high salary. The 30-year player reportedly receives 350,000 pounds per week. If he is really interested in returning to Tottenham, Bale clearly must be willing to reduce his salary to half the amount.

Earlier, Bale's mockery of Madrid was carried out when Wales celebrated qualifying to the 2020 European Cup finals. He unfurled The Dragons flag with the inscription 'Wales. Golf. Madrid. In That Order '

That's the same as insinuating Madrid, which he calls his last priority after the Wales national team and playing golf. Bale's passion for golfing was highlighted by pro-Madrid Spanish media, such as the US and Marca.

It could be because of that mockery that he will get fined by Madrid. That will worsen the situation at the Santiago Bernabeu.

This season alone he has been pushed over by Zinedine Zidane, after Madrid's attempt to sell him in the transfer market last summer was unsuccessful. Bale has only played seven times in 17 Madrid matches so far.