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Sinar Mas Land Holds Basketball Tournament for Digital Companies & Media

Sinar Mas Land Holds Basketball Tournament for Digital Companies & Media (sinarmasland)

TANGERANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Sinar Mas Land has again hosted the 2019 Sinar Mas Land Basketball Tournament (SMLBT) event between digital/e-commerce companies and the media. This event takes place from November 25 to December 1, 2019, at The Breeze BSD City Basketball Court, South Tangerang.

The basketball tournament has been held for seven years in a row, and has been held since 2013. Sinar Mas Land has partnered with the Komunitas Jurnalis Peduli dan Suka Olahraga for this event.

This tournament also attracts basketball lovers who work in digital companies. Therefore, since last year, this event was also enlivened by teams from the digital/e-commerce industry.

This year's tournament sees 19 teams competing in the event, with a composition of nine teams from the media group and 10 teams from digital/e-commerce companies.

Panji Himawan, Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Division at Sinar Mas Land, said on Tuesday (11/26/2019): "We continue to get questions since the beginning of the year on when the Sinar Mas Land Basketball Tournament would held again. The questions were not only from journalists, but also from friends who work in digital companies. This is what makes us continue to strive to bring this event every year. Aside from being a place of closeness and friendliness, we hope they will become more familiar with the atmosphere in the BSD City area."

As in the previous event, the tournament still provides an opportunity for participating teams to use a former national player basketball player with the age limit of 40 years. There are also no more restrictions on editor and non-editorial players.

This rule is done so that the game runs more exciting and improve the quality of the tournament. The match system uses the rules of PP Perbasi with a half competition format.

The teams competing from the media groups are ANTV, RCTI, Kompas Gramedia, Mahaka Media, MNC Media, Emtek, Coil, Trans Media and Media Group.

Meanwhile, the digital/e-commerce groups include teams from,, Genflix, NTT, Google, Digital Hub, Grab Indonesia, Go-Jek, Shopee, and Tokopedia.