Thursday, 01 October 2020 | 20:05 WIB

Jose Mourinho Participates in Charity for Nursing Homes in London

Jose Mourinho Participates in Charity for Nursing Homes in London (fft)

NETRALNEWS.COM - Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho is taking part in charitable activities for residents of nursing homes quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mourinho, along with the charities Age UK and Love Your DoorStep, prepared food packages for residents of nursing homes.

"I am here to help Age UK Enfield, Love Your DoorStep Enfield, and of course you can contribute food, money, or become a volunteer," Mourinho said in a video on Twitter.

The charity activities for the elderly initiated by the charities are not only limited to supplying food, but also including donating various other basic necessities.

The elderly, who are prone to get infected with the coronavirus, are advised not to leave the house for 12 weeks.

The nursing home visited by Mourinho is not far from the location of Tottenham's training ground. Until now, the Lilywhites squad has not yet carried out training.

In addition to Mourinho, as reported by CNN, many players, managers, former players, as well as supporters in England have participated in social actions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Various methods are used, including donating money, donating equipment to hospitals, and providing accommodation for medical personnel.