Wednesday, 08 July 2020 | 02:21 WIB

Why the French Love Indonesian Cuisine

Why the French Love Indonesian Cuisine (kemenpar)

PARIS, NETRALNEWS.COM - During a visit to Paris, France, Indonesia Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya visited three restaurants that are the official partners of Co-Branding for Wonderful Indonesia.

The three restaurants are Djakarta-Bali Restaurant, Borneo a Paris Restaurant, and 12 Rue de Vaugirard.

Arief Yahya claimed to be very satisfied after tasting several menus in the three restaurants. The three restaurants offer five Indonesian culinary icons, namely soto, satay, fried rice, gado-gado, and rendang. And the taste, according to him, is very Indonesian.

"I am proud! There are Indonesian people who are persistent, have strong mentality, dare to become entrepreneurs in the City of Paris by opening a restaurant and preserving Indonesian cuisine. "Beyond the difficult times in the first year, and finally profit in the second year," Minister Arief Yahya said.

Arief Yahya also explained food diplomacy, with a distinctive taste sensation, that could be a strong attraction in promoting Indonesian tourism.

"Our tourism business portfolio, 60 percent of people come because of cultural factors. Of the 60 percent, 45 percent of the money is used for culinary and shopping. Therefore, tasting Indonesian cuisine can be an opening teaser or promotion before they fly to Indonesia, "he said.

Secondly, according to Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya, the role of restaurants managed by diaspora is also important. "In terms of its customers, 95% or more, who came to Indonesian restaurants were French. Only 2-5% are Indonesian or ASEAN. This is right for the target of European tourists, "said Arief Yahya.

Not only the value of the transaction from when they came to the restaurant, but also from the media value obtained from interactions on social media and online websites. Because the posts made by guests or often called "user generated contents" are more trusted by netizens than official information from the restaurant.

"Their positive testimonials will be very strong to spread, and affect other netizens to come and taste food," he said.

Third, Arief Yahya hopes that the decoration, interior and exterior will be used to introduce Wonderful Indonesia. At least a kind of neon board, which can be compared together. Then the distinctive Indonesian ethnic nuances and when entering have seemed to be in Indonesian ambience. For example Bali, Java, Lombok, Labuan Bajo, Lake Toba, Borneo, and so on.

"It remains to be strengthened by Wonderful Indonesia's branding which has also become global and stronger. The brand has value, and when the brand is connected, it will lift both. The government will help to make this Indonesian cuisine restaurant in Paris more advanced, "said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya.