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Maximize Your Smart Phone Usage for Affordable Travel and Vacation in Surabaya

Maximize Your Smart Phone Usage for Affordable Travel and Vacation in Surabaya (ayotraveling)

SURABAYA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The smart phones that we buy are not just for using social media or just taking photos. Mobile phones can also be used to travel, one of which is to Surabaya, easily and economically. With a cellphone, of course, it can be more budget-efficient to walk up to hundreds or even millions of rupiah.

Well, if you're curious about how to maximize your smart phone for cheap trips to Surabaya, try to look at some interesting tips below carefully.

1. Know the weather in Surabaya
Knowing the weather in Surabaya will make you not wrong to bring the clothes used to explore. In addition, knowing the weather from an application on your cellphone can also make it easy for you to schedule a trip. It's useless to go to Surabaya during the rainy season, because the streets there will jammed.

If the traffic is stuck, you will often be inside the hotel. Some tourist attractions also cannot be enjoyed optimally. Even though you won't spend a lot of money, the trip to Surabaya will end in vain. So, make sure you choose the right weather.

2. Choose the right time
The purpose of this right time is vacation-related time. If you want to enjoy a cheaper trip, choose during holidays. Usually Surabaya residents often enjoy trips out of town, the city center becomes more quiet.

Use funding in notes or calendars on mobile. Choose a day when the city is deserted. If Surabaya becomes more quiet than usual, the trip will be smooth. In addition, the rate of the hotel will usually go down.

3. Choose a budget hotel that is located throughout Surabaya
Being in Surabaya is not enough in just one day. For that, you should also stay overnight. For cheap accommodation, you can use the Airy application which can be downloaded from the App Store or Playstore.

Cheap hotels in Surabaya in this network can be easily obtained. You can simply place an order from an installed application. Choose the hotel that suits you. All of the hotels in the largest network in Indonesia have received quality assurance.

After booking your hotel online, you can immediately make a payment without having to come to the hotel. Just use the same application to transfer according to the nominal indicated. Transfers can be done via bank transfer or credit card.
You can also get more efficient Airy hotel rooms, by following the GERCEP (Fast Search Promo) promo from Airy. Enjoy discounts of up to 70 percent for selected Airy rooms. So don't miss it, this promo will only last April 1 to 2019. Check Airy's official website or install the Airy application on your smartphone.

4. Choose the right transportation while in Surabaya
While in Surabaya, choose the right transportation. You can use the online transportation application. With this application you can easily move from one place to another. This method is suitable for those of you who take pleasure in solo or with many people.

If you travel with a partner, renting a motorcycle is the right choice. Then use the map application to travel around.

5. Consider transportation from and to Surabaya
Still using the Airy application, you can come to Surabaya or go by booking a plane ticket. With the application you can get a price that is quite friendly in your pocket and can be done anytime and anywhere without having to come to the nearest airline office.

Now, we now know how to maximize smart phones for the purpose of exploring Surabaya cheaply and as a useful reference.