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Here are the Five Child-Friendly Tourist Sites for You and Your Family to Visit in Tegal

Rita Park, Tegal (tempatwisataseru)

TEGAL, NETRALNEWS.COM - Are you planning on taking a vacation to Tegal, Central Java, with your family? Although classified as a small city, Tegal has a variety of interesting destinations. Some of these attractions are designed to be suitable and safe for children to visit.

Which tourist attractions can be a choice for holidays? Check out the following review:

1. Rita Park
Located in Rita Mall, Tegal City Complex, Rita Park presents luxurious rides like East Java Park and Dufan. In fact, Rita Park is referred to as Dufan mini by visitors.

Rita Park stretches on 2.5 hectares of land. That is why, Rita Park got the widest playground title in Central Java. More or less there are 22 rides offered by Rita Park. The vehicle is safe for adults and children alike.

Some popular rides at Rita Park include Frog Jump, Mini Coaster, Shark Island, Swivel Horse, Flying Bike, Sky Drop, and Flying Tiger. As a support, Rita Park is also equipped with public facilities, such as parking areas, musala, toilets, and food courts. Those of you who want to buy souvenirs are also available at the Rita Park complex.

2. Loco Antique Pangkah Agrotourism
Many do not know about the uniqueness of Antique Loco Agro Tourism. The location is in the sugar factory complex, Pangkah District. Here, there are several old locomotives made in 1927. The locomotives are driven by diesel.

The number of cars drawn by the locomotive is three, the capacity is around 75-100 passengers. You can take the family up the antique locomotive when the picking season on Pangkah. The route around the sugar cane garden in Pangkah District.

Besides locomotives, this place also offers 25 cool photo spots on Umah Andon Foto. There is also an education room about the process of making sugar and sugar cane plantations.

3. The House of Puppet Theater
Do you remember the figure of the late Ki Enthus Susmono? The man, nicknamed the crazy puppeteer, founded the Wayang House Consorium. The location is in Bengle Village, Talang District, Tegal Regency.

The Wayang House Council presents various types of puppets. There are puppets, puppets, puppets, and puppets. Here there is also a collection of contemporary puppets and wayang kreasi.

In addition, there are also paintings of wayang, weapons, photos of Ki Enthus Susmono, gamelan, kris, and batik.

4. Sulaku Bumijawa Park
Sulaku Bumijawa Park has its own uniqueness. This area offers water play in an area of ​​20 degrees Celsius. In addition, Sulaku Park is surrounded by beautiful and green mountain panorama, agrotourism, fishing, and outbound places.

In Sulaku Bumijawa Park there is also a herbal shop. So visitors can invite families to drink herbs together at the place. Not only that, Sulaku Park also provides ATV facilities to surround the garden.

If you are curious about this tourist spot, you can go to its location in Bandasari Village, Bumijawa District, Tegal Regency.

5. Kalibakung Herbal Health Tourism
Do you like to drink herbs? By visiting Kalibakung Tegal Herbal Medicine (WKJ) Tourism, you will be treated to a variety of herbal plants for herbal ingredients. In addition, the WKJ area offers a wide landscape of rice fields and small rivers that refresh the view.

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