Thursday, 12 December 2019 | 12:58 WIB

Batam also Has a Golden Gate Bridge

Barelang Bridge, the icon of Batam (kemenpar)

BATAM, NETRALNEWS.COM - San Francisco and the sun always reflect classic America. The absence of dew in the morning never even made the legendary Golden Gate bridge owner lose perfection as an ancient city with a warm sun.

Similar but not the same, tourists will probably get deja vu when they stop by a bridge called Barelang in Batam, Riau Islands (Kepri). With a piece of the story of Golden Gate, the Barelang bridge may be a reminder of how warm the sun chases in tropical countries.

As a transit city, Batam, with its modesty, offers a story of a 642 meter long bridge like a piece of San Francisco in Indonesia.

The Barelang Bridge was initiated by B.J. Habibie in 1991 became an icon and landmark of Batam now. Its name is taken from the abbreviation BAtam, REmpang, and gaLANG as well
functioned to connect the three large islands, and several small islands included in the Riau Islands.

Besides being similar to the Golden Gate in San Francisco, California, United States, in a miniature size, the Barelang Bridge also looks so charming with a background of blue sea views and small islands around it.

If usually photographers capture Barelang from the left side or exactly in the miniature icon of the Barelang Bridge, once in a while it should be tried to hunt sunrise and capture the bridge that looks the most magnificent and large among the five other bridges in Batam from the right side.

It takes trekking about 1 kilometer to the right side of Barelang, along the edge of the sea until finally you can see Barelang thoroughly.

To capture the sunrise there, a traveler must leave since morning, around 4.30 WIB. Understandably there are rarely vehicles from Batam City to Barelang as far as approximately 15 kilometers and take a 30-minute journey. The sun will rise around 05:50 WIB.

Transportation used can use transportation online or wait for Damri public transportation that crosses Barelang.

After cool sun hunting there is no harm in tasting the typical culinary city of Batam. This culinary is also well known among travelers, the name is Yong Kee Special Fish Soup which is located in the Nagoya City Center complex Blok E No 8-9, Nagoya, Batam.

This restaurant is open every day at 08.00-22.00. RM Yong Kee sells various processed seafood, but the mainstay menu is fish soup made from mackerel fish.

Mackerel fish served is really soft and delicious. Not surprisingly, this restaurant processes it from the raw materials of fresh mackerel fish. Gravy with spices that are not too sharp also adds freshness and further highlights the original taste of fish. So it's difficult for anyone to forget about Batam, a million charms from a transit city with a warm tropical sun.

The Head of the Public Communication Bureau of the Ministry of Pariwsata, Guntur Sakti, said that the beauty of Batam City is an attraction for photography lovers. Ranging from beautiful landscapes to charming natural scenery.

"The landscape in Batam City is not only beautiful. But it's also beautiful on the camera. So the traveler can come to Batam, capture the moments, and share them on social media," Guntur said.