Wednesday, 21 Augst 2019 | 12:43 WIB

Tourism Ministry Promotes Wonderful Indonesia at 2019 ATM in Dubai

Tourism Ministry Promotes Wonderful Indonesia at 2019 ATM in Dubai (kemenpar)

DUBAI, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesia has again promoted the beauty of tourism destinations of the archipelago country, including Raja Ampat, Lake Toba, Bali, and Mount Bromo at the Dubai 2019 Arabian Travel Market (ATM).

Indonesia Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya said the tourism brand "Wonderful Indonesia" is promoted in the 2019 Dubai ATM, carried by 85 tourism industries from Indonesia that participated in the event.

The beauty of the destination displayed by Wonderful Indonesia at the 2019 Dubai ATM includes Raja Ampat, Lake Toba, Bali, and Mount Bromo. There is also an information center that presents a welcome booklet to Indonesia, halal tours, and tourist maps to an event calendar.

Wonderful Indonesia participated in this event because Dubai ATM is the third largest travelmart in the world after ITB Berlin and WTM London. In 2018, the potential transaction for Indonesia from Dubai ATM 2018 is IDR 1.13 trillion.

"Dubai ATM adheres to the concepts of B to B and B to C. The United Arab Emirates has also become a potential market. The flow of tourist visits to Indonesia reached 7,081 throughout 2018. The favorite destinations are Jakarta (4,504 tourists) and Bali (2,393 tourists)," the Minister said on Wednesday (1/5/2019).

Arief Yahya said the concept of the best pavilion was deliberately displayed at Dubai ATM 2019. Various tourism properties are displayed here. "We want the public in Dubai and the Middle East to become more aware of the diverse wealth of Indonesian tourism. As an icon, the Pinisi Ship is deliberately presented here, "he said.

The theme and concept at the Wonderful Indonesia ATM Dubai 2019 pavilion this time is 'Indonesia's Maritime Strength as a Maritime Country with its Cultural Diversity'. The Indonesian Pavilion Design has a Double Decker concept with an area of ​​level 1, 445.5 m² and a level 2 area of ​​50 m² which is used as a meeting room and VIP area.

"This exhibition also always attracts the attention of people in the Middle East. We are optimistic that we can book better performance this year, "Arief Yahya said.

Supporting the attractiveness of the Pinisi Ship, the Indonesian Pavilion also displays various details of Lombok's architecture, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). Moreover, NTB is the best halal tourist destination in the world.

Besides its natural and cultural attractions, tourism infrastructure in NTB is the best and is equipped with halal certificates. Pinisi ships and Lombok motifs are the best compositions that are expected to attract Middle Eastern public interest.