Tuesday, 15 October 2019 | 06:48 WIB

Here is How the Indonesian Government Attracts Tourists from China

Here is How the Indonesian Government Attracts Tourists from China (kemenpar)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesia Ministry of Tourism offers a Hot Deals and Tourism Hub program through Singapore to Chinese tourists through travel agents in the country.

Christine Besinga, member of the Organizing Committee for the Hot Deals Program for the Riau Islands during the Travel Dialogue, which is a series of Famtrip Batam-Bintan Travel Agency Travel activities held by the Ministry of Tourism, invited eight Chinese travel agents to jointly arrange tour packages to Riau Islands.

"Please make attractive packages with the industry in Riau Islands. There are many things that can be bundled at attractive prices," Christine said.

The basic idea of ​​Hot Deals, continued Christine, was to offer "more for less", you get more, you pay less. " Consumers get so many benefits, but they pay affordable and cheap prices.

Present at the event was Deputy of Marketing Development II Regional I of the Ministry of Tourism Jemadu, explaining that the Ministry of Tourism targeted foreign tourists to the Riau Islands Province to reach four million people throughout 2019 through a tourism hub program.

"Riau Island's target of four million foreign tourists is up 25 percent higher than the national average of 12 percent. The ministry will help one of them with the hot deals program, which last year successfully sold 700,000 pax. This year, there will be 1 million pax, "said Vincent Jemadu.

From the Kemenpar data, continued VJ, the nickname of Vincent Jemadu, every year, the estimated number of foreign tourists entering through Singapore's Changi Airport (other than Indonesians) almost reached 12 million pax.

The details are 32 percent of ASEAN minus Indonesia, 22 percent from China-Hong Kong, 17 percent from Asia-Pacific, 14 percent from Central Asia, MEA and Africa. The rest are from Europe and Australia.

"This means that our chances of attracting more than 11 million foreign tourists are still wide open," said VJ.