Tuesday, 15 October 2019 | 06:17 WIB

Wonosobo Holds Hot Air Baloon Festival

Wonosobo Holds Hot Air Baloon Festival (asedino)

WONOSOBO, NETRALNEWS.COM - Various colorful balloons by 119 participants of the Java Traditional Balloon Festival have enlivened the atmosphere at Pagerejo Village Square, Kertek, Wonosobo Regency, Central Java, Saturday.

Thousands of residents of Wonosobo Regency and its surroundings since morning flocked to the field to watch the balloon festival up close.

AirNav Indonesia supports the air balloon festival held by the Wonosobo District Government and the Wonosobo Air Balloon Community.

"Flying traditional air balloons by tethering has become a new culture carried out by the people of Wonosobo in Syawalan's momentum," said Director of Safety, Security and Standardization at AirNav Indonesia, Yurlis Hasibuan.

He said the air balloon festival was held with reference to the Minister of Transportation's Regulation on the use of hot air balloons in cultural activities of the community.

"The community has participated in maintaining flight safety in Indonesia's airspace," he said.

He said that AirNav Indonesia and the Wonosobo Regency Government had conducted socialization on various matters related to air balloon flights on May 22, 2019.

"We conducted socialization together with elements of the Wonosobo Regency, District Police and District Military Command to Kertek Subdistrict and Kalikajar District in Wonosobo District. In the socialization, it was explained about the danger of hot air balloon safety and the plan of the balloon festival as a medium to preserve the tradition of flying air balloons. "The participants and community leaders at the socialization were quite enthusiastic," Yurlis explained, quoted by Antara on Saturday (6/15/2019).

He also said that the enthusiasm of the residents to participate in the hot air balloon festival was quite high, as seen from the number of participants who increased this year compared to last year.

"Last year the total number of participants in Wonosobo was 104 groups. This year, the number of participants has increased to 119 groups. This is a result of the massive socialization efforts carried out by the Wonosobo Regency Government and the Wonosobo Air Balloon Community in synergy with AirNav Indonesia," he said.

"We would like to thank the Wonosobo Regency Government, Wonosobo Air Balloon Community and the entire Wonosobo community for their participation in maintaining flight safety. Through this festival, we hope that traditional moored balloons can transform into tourist attractions and support the community's creative economy, so tradition remains sustainable and flight safety is maintained, "he said.

This year's hot air balloon festival in Wonosobo is coupled with the Sindoro Sumbing Festival and various other activities prepared by the Wonosobo District Tourism and Culture Office to attract domestic and foreign tourists.