Friday, 10 July 2020 | 12:21 WIB

Wee Nam Kee Opens Eighth Outlet at Mall Emporium Pluit Jakarta

Wee Nam Kee Opens Eighth Outlet at Mall Emporium Pluit Jakarta (sinarmasland)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Wee Nam Kee, one of the best Asian Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurant franchises from Singapore, has opened its 8th outlet in Jakarta. The latest restaurant outlet is inaugurated at Pluit Emporium Mall.

Previously, Wee Nam Kee opened its first outlet at The Breeze BSD, followed by outlets at the Grand Indonesia Mall, Kota Kasablanka, Pacific Place, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Mall of Indonesia, and Central Park. The presence of this restaurant in the Emporium Mall Pluit in North Jakarta is marked by the inauguration event titled Grand Opening New Restaurant: Wee Nam Kee Jakarta.

Wee Nam Kee is a restaurant that already has a reputation in Singapore as one of the best Hainanese food restaurants, with one of its flagship menus being the Hainanese Chicken Rice. The restaurant, which serves a variety of high quality and special Hainan menus, has eight branches spread across Asia, specifically in Singapore, the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.

Herry Santoso, Sinar Mas Land's Digital Ventures & Emerging Business Division Head Group, said on Thursday (6/3/2020): "With the opening of the 8th branch of Wee Nam Kee in Jakarta, the expectation is to meet high consumer demand and be able to improve the quality of taste and services to Wee Nam Kee lovers. The existence of Wee Nam Kee with a variety of special Hainan menus that are already famous in the international culinary world certainly can bring its own color to the Emporium Pluit Mall. "

For information, the mainstay menu on Wee Nam Kee is Hainanese Chicken Rice, which makes many people remember Singapore. Wee Nam Kee, with its distinctive processing and seasoning, has succeeded in projecting the Hainanese Chicken Rice as one of the mainstay menus that is favored by many international culinary lovers.

Hainanese Chicken Rice or served at Wee Nam Kee consists of boiled chicken slices, served with cucumber slices, accompanied by a bowl of rice, chili sauce, onion, ginger sauce, and various other seasonings.

The meat served in this restaurant has a very soft texture, while the rice is processed in such a way that it tastes savory. Therefore it is not surprising that when visiting Singapore and asking for recommendations for special food, many will refer Wee Nam Kee to taste the special culinary.

"Wee Nam Kee has a very good reputation internationally. For culinary hunters in Singapore, the restaurant is included in the list of restaurants that must be visited. We strive to pamper loyal visitors by directly presenting Wee Nam Kee from Singapore, so that we can experience the unforgettable experience of enjoying the best dishes without the hassle of going far abroad. The price of food offered is also still affordable," he explained.

To note, Wee Nam Kee in Singapore has been known as a special restaurant serving Hainanese cuisine since 1989, especially tender cuts of chicken meat and flavored chicken rice. All new outlets opened in several malls in Jakarta display a warm, comfortable and modern atmosphere, but have the same quality food taste as the We Nam Kee in Singapore.

Despite serving traditional dishes, Wee Nam Kee provides a vibrant atmosphere in the design touches of the restaurant. "For that, for people who are in the middle of the city and want to enjoy a variety of the best culinary specialties in Hainan Wee Nam Kee Jakarta, do not hesitate to visit the Emporium Pluit Mall and other Wee Nam Kee outlet branches," Herry Santoso added.