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Seven Dishes You Must Try When Visiting Surabaya

Lontong Balap in Surabaya (wikimedia)

SURABAYA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Surabaya is not only a favourite city to visit, but it is also a paradise for food lovers. There are lots of food with various tastes and authenticity from roadside stalls to famous restaurants that you can find in every corner of this city.

If you are visiting Surabaya, do not miss these seven must-try dishes there!

1. Sate Klopo Ondomohen Ny. Asih

This satay is served differently from other satays. The meats, chickens, shrimps, intestines or marrows are sliced thinly and seasoned with shredded coconut before it is grilled. The flavour is really special and unique. You will not be able to stop eating it!

2. Lontong Balap Garuda Pak Gendut

The food stall, established since 1958, is one of the legendary dishes in Surabaya. Lontong Balap consists of lontong (rice cake), fried tofu, bean sprouts, lentho, soy sauce, fried onion, and chili sauce.

It may look simple, but the taste is amazing. Lontong Balap Garuda Pak Gendut is famous for preserving the same taste since the first time it was established. Are you sure that you do not want to try a plate of this legendary dish which is located in Jl. Prof. Dr. Moestopo 11, Surabaya?

3. Sego Sambel

For those who like spicy food, do not forget to try Surabaya sego sambel (rice with spicy sauce). From its name, you can already tell that this dish serves a spicy sauce which is made of chosen ingredients.

A plate of sego sambel consists of rice which is covered with spicy sauce and side dishes that you can choose. Every stall has different side dishes, but the common ones are fried tofu and tempeh, shredded fried chicken, fried eggs, fish, and others.

4. Rujak Cingur Ahmad Jais

Surabaya is famous for its rujak cingur and you have to try it when you visit Surabaya. One of the spots to enjoy this dish is at Ahamd jais stall which is located on Jl. Achmad Jais No. 40, Genteng, Surabaya.

This rujak cingur is served in a big portion that consists of cingur (cooked water bufallo or beef lips), sliced tempe, tofu, fruits, and Ahmad Jais' special seasoning sauce.

5. Rawon Setan

Rawon is one of Surabaya's most sought after dishes. Even though you can find it in other places, you have to try rawon in its original place.

One of the rawon soup variants that you can try is Rawon Setan which is located in Jl. Embong Malang No. 781, Genteng, Surabaya. In this restaurant, you can enjoy a bowl of rawon with big chunks of meat, fresh vegetables, and lots of rawon thick soup. This restaurant is popular among artists and officials. You can see many photos of artists and officials who came to eat there.

6. Pecel Semanggi

If you come to Surabaya Bungkul Park, do not forget to try the iconic pecel semanggi. Like its name, this pecel vegetable salad uses clover leaves and sprouts which are poured with pecel sauce made of ground nuts, sweet potatoes, petis (shrimp paste), and brown sugar. The uniqueness of this pecel is that it is served in banana leaf with kerupuk uli crackers as its spoon.

7. Zangrandi Ice Cream

This is the oldest ice cream story in Indonesia which you cannot miss when you visit Surabaya. Established in 1930, you can try various ice cream menus with its authentic and specialty, such as Macedonia and Tutti Frutti, and other flavours like chocolate and mocha.

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