Thursday, 28 May 2020 | 21:29 WIB

Take a Peek on Paradise of Black Orchids in Kalimantan

Black Orchids from Kalimantan.(doc.undas)

JAKARTA, NNC - Kalimantan Province is known as an area that still has a sustainable green forest area. In fact, some of these forests are inhabited by various types of plants, which belong to the rare species of plants, the targets of the collectors.

Therefore, in order to preserve the rare plants, a nature reserve is made. One of them is named Kersik Luway located in West Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan.

In this area, you can see rare plants such as black orchids and black pitcher plants that are flourishing. Kersik Luway is like a paradise for black orchids which increasingly become rare.

Well, for you who want to visit, from Samarinda there are two alternative routes to choose from.

The first route is through Samarinda to Melak which takes approximately 10-12 hours by slow wooden boat at a cost of around IDR45,000 ($3.15) per person.

In addition to slow wooden boat, you can also use a car rental service at a cost between IDR250,000 and IDR500,000 a day depending on the type and condition of the car.

The second route alternative is through Samarinda to Bangun City. If via road it takes about 3-4 hours by bus, then continued with a speedboat ride. The cost of course would be cheaper if you share the payment with other travelers.

Arriving at Kersik Luway, you need the services of a guide to show the various collections of flora in this park, considering the area is quite large.

Black orchid which is a prima donna in this region has been very famous since ancient times, so much sought and hunted by the collectors of orchids.

Other types of orchids found in this place are Erya Vania, Erya Florida, Coelogyne Rocus Soini and Bulpophylum Mututina, as well as several types of Kantung Semar (tropical pitcher plant).

Because of its remote location and very far from the stalls or settlement, you should prepare enough foods and drinks if you want to visit this place.

Meanwhile the facilities in the location are in the form of information space only. Apart from its limitations, Kersik Luway is worth a visit especially if you are a lover of orchid plants. (*)