On How Women View Developing Their Careers in Technology

Thursday, 23-September-2021 17:00

illustration: a woman working on a laptop.
Image : Pixnio/Marko Milivojevic
illustration: a woman working on a laptop.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Although most women feel that their gender positively affects careers in technology, most women still recognize that they face more challenges to develop and succeed than men.

A research done by leading travel and digital technology e-commerce company, Booking.com, is conducted to better understand the challenges of gender diversity in the technology sector, including perceptions, experiences and ambitions of women around the world on career opportunities in technology.

"The research conducted among women working in technology and female students who are interested in pursuing careers in this industry, revealed that these women feel that the technology sector is an interesting area and has a positive outlook on the potential it offers," Booking.com CEO Gillian Tans said.

However, the problem is the recruitment process based on bias, the composition of the current workforce, and the lack of women's role in making decisions and the absence of role models.

In fact, this study also found that around 3 out of 5 women (64%) working in the technology industry, and students who are interested in the same field said that being a woman has a positive impact on their ability to pursue a career in technology.

Meanwhile, the favorable outlook was mainly due to the small number of women in this industry (34%), a good opportunity especially for female students (43%) and high school students (37%). Women globally are also interested in the technology industry for various reasons.

"They feel that this industry is innovative (50%), creative (44%), and inspiring (26%), and also provides challenging jobs for them (34%). For most people, securing a position in technology is the same as getting a "dream job" or an ideal career," Gillian said.

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