Parents Need to Develop Democratic Parenting Environment during Pandemic

Saturday, 24-July-2021 20:30

Ratih Ibrahim, clinical psychologist, CEO and Founder of Personal Growth
Image : ANTARA/Hreeloita Dharma Shanti
Ratih Ibrahim, clinical psychologist, CEO and Founder of Personal Growth

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Clinical psychologist and founder of Personal Growth Ratih Ibrahim says parents need to build a democratic parenting environment at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Even though we are the 'neckbone' that directs children here and there, we need to build an atmosphere of democratic parenting. Children, even at a very young age, need to have self regulation. Just ask them what they want to do," said Ratih in a webinar titled 'Building Mother-Child Relations in the Pandemic Period' organized by Jaman Perempuan Indonesia online in Jakarta, on Saturday (07/24/2021).

Ratih said that by asking children, parents can schedule creative activities that can be done regularly. Some activities that can be done are cooking together, cleaning, or decorating the house.

Furthermore, parents need to be calm when validating a child's feelings. Ratih explained that by validating feelings for children, parents can provide dialogue space for children through these observations.

"Children can also feel afraid, anxious. We validate their feelings. Why are you angry? Are you angry now? Are you mad at mom? We observe. Thus, we have provided space for dialogue for children," said Ratih.

For children who lose their motivation to study at home, Ratih said parents can help their children set a daily target that can be achieved every day by using a magnetic board.

"Every time a child shows an effort to be able to meet the target, it must be appreciated. If not, please be reminded. Thus, the learning atmosphere remains consistent and disciplined, hopefully it will be comfortable and the child will be confident that they are also capable," she said.

Parents, according to Ratih, must also take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic situation to invest time when they see their children feel lonely.

"We need to invest a lot of time in our children. We now have to stay at home with our children, which is interpreted as how we invest time with children. Build new activities with them, if you can social contact with digital platforms, just do it," Ratih added, as reported by Antara.

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