Pejuang Muda Program Assists in Verification and Validation of Data, Sustainable Economy Management

Thursday, 11-November-2021 09:00

Pejuang Muda (Young Fighters) Program Assists in Verification and Validation of Data for Sustainable Economy Management
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Pejuang Muda (Young Fighters) Program Assists in Verification and Validation of Data for Sustainable Economy Management

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The commitment of the Ministry of Social Affairs in community empowerment through the Pejuang Muda (Young Fighters) program has shown significant results. No less than 104,086 data on recipients of aid have been verified by Young Fighters spread throughout Indonesia in just eight days.

Verification of this data is also an opportunity for Young Fighters to implement the knowledge gained in college and to actualize themselves by engaging directly in the communities. In addition, there are natural and human resources potentials that can be extracted from underprivileged communities in the midst of their limitations.

“Many creative ideas were initiated by the Young Fighters to create sustainable economic resources. Of course, this is adjusted to the potential or natural wealth that is owned so that it has added value," said Chaerur Rozikin, academic and mentor for Young Fighters.

The statement was made during a work visit of Young Fighters at Bai Mahdi Sholeh Ma'mun Islamic Boarding School in Pabuaran, Serang Regency, Banten, on Tuesday (11/09/2021).

In Serang Regency, the community empowerment process began by conducting an area analysis in 9 sub-districts in the southern region of Serang Regency, namely Baros District, Ciomas District, Pabuaran District, Petir District, Cikeusal District, Pamarayan District, Bandung District, Kragilan District and Ciruas District.

From the results of the analysis, information was obtained that there are four sub-districts that have potential and problems that are suitable for empowerment, namely Pamarayan District with dam ecotourism potential and fish cultivation, Cikeusal District with livestock potential, Petir District with industrial potential for center bags and Baros District with home renovations.

In contrast to Serang Regency, empowerment in Serang City will focus on industrial waste management, one of which will be carried out in Sewor Village and Cidadap Village, Banjarsari Village, Cipocok Jaya District, Serang.

Faisal (23), a participant and Coordinator of Young Fighters in Serang City, said that he and 15 other Young Fighters in Serang City plan to educate residents not to dispose of processed waste directly into the environment. This is because there are still many residents who throw tempeh industrial waste into the ditch.

"We invite residents to cultivate maggot. Besides being able to decompose waste, selling maggots has the potential to help the community's economy to survive in the midst of a pandemic situation. Also the potential can continue to exist even though the situation changes," he said.

Empowerment and data verification carried out by the Young Fighters cannot be separated from the main objective, namely the accuracy of the distribution of social assistance. Exclusion and inclusion errors can be minimized so that social assistance is more targeted.

In its implementation, the Pejuang Muda (Young Fighters) use the Social Affair Geographic Information System (SAGIS) application where each verified beneficiary can confirm the location and condition of their homes.

It is hoped that the existence of the Young Fighters will bring a new spirit for the community to develop their potential and be more aware of the economic potential around them so that they can be independent, empowered and survive in various conditions.

About the Young Warriors

Pejuang Muda is a synergy program between the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Religion which is intended for students to play a role in handling poverty and social problems in society.

This program collaborates with 5,140 students from various universities who will be deployed to the community to find out social problems closely and try to solve the problem of poverty in 514 regencies/cities throughout Indonesia.

At the task site, Young Fighters work on projects to tackle poverty and social problems which are supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs budget. The budget that is allocated reaches IDR178 billion for 5,140 students.

In the Young Fighters, there are four program options, namely in the fields of social assistance, empowerment, the environment, and the most important environmental facilities for students to choose a program, with a weight of 20 credits for one semester.

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