Red Bull Fires Employee Over Racist Private Text Messages

Saturday, 31-July-2021 09:00

A Formula 1 racer wears a Black Lives Matter shirt
Image : ANTARA/REUTERS/Christian Bruna/AWW/sa.
A Formula 1 racer wears a Black Lives Matter shirt

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Formula 1 racing team Red Bull has parted ways with one of its employees following the revelation of a racist text message.

Sky Sports television reported that an unnamed member of the Red Bull team used racist language in their private text messages, which were later revealed after being published on social media.

It is stated that the person was neither a high-ranking member of Red Bull nor was on track duty during the race.

"We condemn all forms of racism. We have a zero-tolerance approach to racist behavior. The person in question is now no longer a member of Red Bull Racing," Red Bull said in a statement, as quoted by Reuters on Friday (07/30/2021).

Red Bull is currently top the constructors standings with a four-point lead over Mercedes, while Max Verstappen also tops the drivers standings with an eight-point margin from Mercedes champ Lewis Hamilton after ten races.

Hamilton, the only black driver on the grid, has also experienced racist bullying on social media following his crash with Verstappen at Silverstone this month during the British Grand Prix.

The incident on the opening lap sent Verstappen to hospital, despite escaping injury, and Hamilton claimed victory at home for the eighth time despite being awarded a 10-second penalty, as reported by Antara.

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