Robotics Engineer Creates a Robot and Marries It

Wednesday, 16-June-2021 14:17

illustration: a human and a robot
Image : Pixabay/Art_To_Art_97
illustration: a human and a robot

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – A robotics engineer has married a robot that he created.

Zheng Jiajia had worked for giant Chinese telecommunications company Huawei. He held a formal wedding ceremony for himself and his robot wife in Hangzhou, China.

Their wedding ceremony was attended by Zheng's mother and friends. A usual, the bride's head was covered with a red scarf as part of traditional customs.

Zheng said he had long waited to have a robot as wife.

"My dream in creating my own significant other has become a reality. I want to see a robot in every home, and finally I want to build a realistic robot girlfriend." Zheng said, as quoted by mashable.

The robot, named Yingying is able to speak in simple sentences in response to an audio prompt, and visually recognize characters and images. The robot was created when Zheng worked at Huawei for three years, and he set up a special unit for robotics there.

Zheng told a local TV station that he has plans to upgrade Yingying to give the robot the ability to walk and do some housework.

Some experts estimate that a marriage between humans and robots will be legal in 2050 due to public demand.

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