Social Affairs Minister Distributes 105 High End Tablets to Underprivileged Students Living in Former Dolly Area

Saturday, 23-October-2021 15:00

Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini (white shirt) during a work visit to Surabaya.
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini (white shirt) during a work visit to Surabaya.

SURABAYA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini has paid special attention to children in the former Dolly red light or pleasure district area, as the children there need encouragement to grow and develop properly.

Currently, many children from the Dolly area and its surroundings, such as Jarak, Putat, and Girilaya, are attending SMPN 10 Surabaya middle school. Most of them come from underprivileged families. In addition, the social environment in the pleasure district, of course, has a serious impact on their growth and development.

This became the basis for Tri Rismaharini, also known as Risma, to prioritize social assistance to these students. The social assistance is in the form of 105 units of advanced communication tools of the type of tablets, with a total value of IDR501,510,000.

“I put priority on the children from the Dolly area to get social assistance. We hope that this assistance can encourage them to continue their education, especially at SMPN 10 Surabaya," said Social Affairs Minister Risma when meeting with teachers and students of SMPN 10 Surabaya on Saturday (23/10/2021).

Risma said that the social conditions of children who grew and developed in the Dolly area were different from other areas. She said that if in other areas children start their life from zero point, children from Dolly area start life from minus point.

Of course, it is not easy to grow their optimism in education. “We know what Dolly was like. Of course this has an impact on the social conditions of children. If they in other areas start life from zero, then Dolly's children start from minus. They need touch, support for them to have self-confidence and enthusiasm to be successful,” she said.

In front of the students of SMPN 10, Social Minister Risma also spurred their enthusiasm to study hard, and be enthusiastic and confident that they could succeed. Risma gave an example of herself, who was also an alumni of SMPN 10 who is still enthusiastic.

In Risma's era, she was often bullied because her school was often flooded and was located in a suburban area.

“You have to be enthusiastic and don't give up. You should be grateful to be able to go to school, because in other areas to be able to go to school you have to struggle to cross the rivers to penetrate the forest. If you are enthusiastic, all your goals can be achieved and you will certainly be able to achieve," the Social Affairs Minister said.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Surabaya, Eri Cahyadi, expressed gratitude, as Social Affairs Minister Risma always thought about the children in Surabaya, especially those who have social problems. Eri Cahyadi emphasized that the kindness of the Minister of Social Affairs will be able to pump the enthusiasm of children from the Dolly area, which was once known as the largest pleasure district area in Asia. Eri hopes the children can grow and develop to excel in all fields.

“Our gratitude goes to Mrs. Social Minister because her heart is always there for the children in Surabaya. I am sure that Mrs. Risma's assistance can inspire the children from the Dolly area to excel," said Eri Cahyadi.

The same thing was conveyed by the Principal of SMPN 10 Surabaya, Drs. M. Masykur HS, MSi. Although the location of SMPN 10 is tucked away in the corner of Surabaya City, the Minister of Social Affairs was pleased to attend and provide assistance with advanced communication tools in the form of tablets. According to Masykur, this is very encouraging, and motivates the students' enthusiasm for learning.

“The Minister of Social Affairs is amazing. In our place, there are more than 600 students from poor families. As many as 100 of them today received online learning facilities from Mrs. Risma. I am very touched and grateful for her concern,” said Masykur with teary eyes.

For Natasya Bunga Pratama, the assistance of a sophisticated communication tool in the form of a tablet from Social Minister Risma is like a dream. The 9th grade student, a resident of Girilaya Village, lives only with his mother, as her father passed away several years ago.

To be able to study online, Natasya admitted that she had to take turns using her mother's cell phone. Natasya was not able to ask for a new mobile phone, because she felt sorry to see her mother working alone.

The assistance from the Minister of Social Affairs encouraged Natasya to complete her education in junior high school. "Alhamdulillah, thank you Mrs. Risma for helping me," said Natasya in a trembling voice holding back her emotion.

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