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Social Affairs Minister Motivates Beneficiaries at Cooking Workshop

Minggu, 20-Juni-2021 17:00

Risma also took advantage of the opportunity to motivate beneficiaries throughout Indonesia.
Foto : Martina Rosa
Risma also took advantage of the opportunity to motivate beneficiaries throughout Indonesia.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini has participated with well-known celebrities Raffi Ahmad and Chef Renatta Moeloek. Apart from cooking demonstration, Tri Rismaharini, also known as Risma, also took advantage of the opportunity to motivate beneficiaries throughout Indonesia.

Social Affairs Minister Risma said that a famous figure like Raffi Ahmad did not suddenly become successful as he is now. The Minister of Social Affairs knew that Raffi was a fighter, and it was not easy at the beginning of his struggle.

"However, he works hard, doesn't give up, and keeps on praying, thus he can be successful," said the Minister of Social Affairs at the Atensi Creative Center (SKA) of the Pangudi Luhur Center in Bekasi. The cooking workshop is titled "Cooking Workshop and Motivational Talks", on Sunday (06/20/2021).

To the beneficiaries from several centers belonging to the Ministry of Social Affairs who were present, Social Affairs Minister Risma asked them to continue to be enthusiastic and not give up hope.

"Raffi's struggle can be imitated. Even with limitations, there should never be an obstacle for you to move forward and be successful," she said.

For Social Affairs Minister Risma, limitations are not fate. She said that as long as the beneficiaries have hard work and continue to pray, nothing is impossible for God.

On that occasion, Raffi also explained the struggles he had to go through before achieving the success he is now.

"I started to participate in casting at the age of 13, from Bandung to Jakarta, alone. I've been queuing since 9.00 am, but I failed to get the part," he said.

Gradually he got small roles with small pay too. Raffi remembered that he only received a pay of IDR200,000 and was still deducted from the money for lodging rent of IDR20,000, as well as transportation fees.

On the same occasion, Chef Renatta also shared her story. She apparently started her career by offering cooking services to other people.

"Door to door ma'am. Because the food were delicious, I was able get a cooking job," said Chef Renatta.

Social Affairs Minister Risma, Chef Renatta, and Raffi deserve to agree, to achieve success there is no giving up, and it is not instant.

"Before fate picks up, there is no despair. Keep trying," said Raffi Ahmad said.

To empower the beneficiaries, the Minister of Social Affairs established SKA.

SKA is a means where displaced/marginalized people are given social rehabilitation so that they can be creative and have access to a better life. SKA provides a place to share business

According to the Minister of Social Affairs, SKA was established to mobilize beneficiaries to be economically empowered. Starting with the provision of training, they were finally able to open a culinary business at SKAs owned by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The Minister of Social Affairs hopes that SKA will not only serve as a showcase for works of art, but also as a means of developing business networks. This is like what the Minister of Social Affairs had developed when she was the Mayor of Surabaya.

"I was in Surabaya developing the Heroes of the Economy program. Alhamdulillah, during the pandemic where many people had difficulty trying, they even increased it by 100-200%. So we have to be very careful about the situation," she said.

Reporter : turkhan
Editor : turkhan

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