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Social Affairs Minister Takes to the Streets to Distribute Face Masks

Jumat, 16-Juli-2021 17:40

Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini hands out face masks.
Foto : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini hands out face masks.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini has distributed masks to the public along Jalan Matraman Raya, Jakarta. On the way to distributing masks, the Minister of Social Affairs met with scavengers and asked them to be willing to obtain social services.

The masks were given to people who happen to be along the sidewalk. These include motorcycle taxi drivers and bajaj drivers, parking attendants, and office security units, among others.

On the way to distributing masks, Tri Rismaharini, also known as Risma, met two families of scavengers resting under a pedestrian bridge. She then invited them to the Pangudi Luhur Bekasi Center to obtain Ministry of Social Affairs services.

"Follow me. I'll give you a job later. Later, you will get more regular income. The children will come along so they can go to school. There will be many friends," Risma said to Sofyan, a scavenger from Subang, on Friday (07/16/2021 ).

At first, Sofyan still seemed doubtful about the Social Affairs Minister's offer. She looked at his wife having a small discussion.

"How's the cart, ma'am. Can I take it?" said Sofyan, a father of one.

"Just bring it. It's okay. I can also buy it. How much does it cost? Calculate it," the Minister of Social Affairs added. Risma then approached Sofyan's son.

"Do you want to come with me? Later you can go to school so that you can become an engineer. Do you want to be president? You have to go to school to be smart," she said.

A similar offer was made to Ahmad Jaenudin, a fellow scavenger of Sofyan who happened to be in the same place. To the Minister of Social Affairs, he also initially asked the same question as Sofyan.

But finally Jaenudin accepted the offer. The 68-year-old man from Majalengka admitted that he was interested in the Social Affairs Minister's offer. Jaenudin is sure that he will get a better life under the guidance of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

"Yes, I want to join. I hope I can get a better life," he said.

The same day, they were delivered by the Ministry of Social Affairs' Rapid Response Team to the Pangudi Luhur Center in Bekasi. Here, Sofyan and his family and Jaenudin will receive social services, by first conducting an assessment and undergoing the COVID-19 prevention health protocol.

The presence of Sofyan and Jaenudin adds to the long list of scavengers and marginalized groups who have received services at the ATENSI Creation Center (SKA) of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Before them, dozens of underprivileged communities have received social guidance, vocational training and entrepreneurship coaching. Here, they are also given assistance and reinforcement for entrepreneurial activities through cafes, galleries, catfish farming, hydroponic plants, laundry and also selling in grocery stores.

The Ministry of Social Affairs is well aware of the magnitude of the challenges facing the current situation of the COVID-19 Pandemic which has lasted more than a year, and is not certain when it will end.

One of the impacts of the pandemic is that many people have lost their homes and income. With SKA, it is hoped that the underprivileged and marginalized people will gain entrepreneurial skills so that they can be socially and economically independent.

Reporter : turkhan
Editor : turkhan

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