Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini Distributes Social Aid to Majalengka Regency

Friday, 05-November-2021 21:00

Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini visits the Al Mizan Islamic Boarding School in Majalengka
Image : Indonesian MInistry of Social Affairs
Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini visits the Al Mizan Islamic Boarding School in Majalengka

MAJALENGKA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs has distributed Social Assistance for Majalengka Regency in the amount of IDR1,989,956,153, and three other regencies in West Java province in the amount of IDR2,036,929,250 for 1,748 beneficiaries.

The social aid value in Majalengka reached IDR461,251,800 for 414 recipients, comprising of IDR12,500,000 for five PKH graduates, 1,000 packages of rice assistance worth IDR98,000,000, RSRTLH for 60 KPMs worth IDR1.2 billion, ProKUS for three groups worth IDR40,097,053, and entrepreneurship assistance for 48 people amounting to IDR125,481,500.

Meanwhile, the ATENSI program for orphans is intended for 235 children, amounting to IDR250,200,000, accessibility assistance for 26 people worth IDR39,501,600 and basic needs assistance for 310 people worth IDR224,176,000.

In addition, for the other three regions, namely Cirebon Regency/City of IDR770,258,400 for 730 recipients; Indramayu Regency with IDR283,214,250 for 214 recipients; and Kuningan Regency with IDR522,204,800 for 390 recipients.

These various assistances are a form of the presence of the state in the public that are given to people with disabilities, graduates from the Keluarga Harapan Program (PKH), as assistance for victims of COVID-19.

"Actually, this is a routine activity. We distribute it to various regions, for disabilities, PKH graduates, COVID-19 victims, and there are 400 children," said Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini.

The statement was made by the Minister of Social Affairs Risma during a Joint Working Visit with Commission VIII of the House of Representatives at the Pertiwi Hall of Al Mizan Islamic Boarding School, Majalengka, on Friday (11/05/2021).

During the delivery of the aid, Social Affairs Minister Risma was accompanied by members of Commission VIII Maman Imanulhaq and Itje Siti Dewi Kuraesin, Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Affairs Harry Hikmat, Special Staff of the Minister for Communication and Mass Media Don Rozano Sigit, Director General of Social Empowerment, Edi Suharto, and Director General of Handling the Poor Asep Sasa Purnama.

Member of Commission VIII from the PKB faction, Maman Imanulhaq, said the assistance was very useful for the community, and his party had cross-checked in the field and 100 percent of the assistance provided was right on target.

"We thank the Minister of Social Affairs and we have checked that it is 100 percent appropriate, on target, and immediately received by the beneficiaries," said Maman.

Social Affairs Minister Risma had an audience with ulemas and Islamic scholars in Majelengka, as well as listening to input on social assistance provided by the government.

In several regions, Tri Rismaharini, also known as Risma, said there were those who implemented mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for recipients of social assistance. The vaccines are aimed to protect all and proven to protect the recipients and their families.

"The vaccine to protect us all and not only for themselves, but also protect other family members. With the new variant, the resistance must be stronger," said the Minister of Social Affairs.

There are areas that are 100 percent vaccinated, so that even without the mandatory requirement for vaccines, recipients of social assistance are aware of vaccinating.

"In some areas there are already 100 percent, so it can't be required that they even have full awareness of vaccinating," she added.

Welcoming Poetry from Islamic Boarding School Student

There was something interesting about the working visit to Majalengka, namely when the Minister of Social Affairs arrived she was greeted by a poetry reading by Gina Fadhilah Ramadhani, 13, a student at Al Mizan Islamic Boarding School, Majalengka Regency.

The poem was made spontaneously this morning before the event started, expressing admiration and prayer for Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini, who is known for her fast response.

"Your anger is love, for the sake of our beloved Indonesia, our prayers, Al-Mizan students for our dear Mrs. Risma," a fragment of the poem said.

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