Social Affairs Minister Visits Farthest Villages in Asmat to Deliver Social Aid and Welfare

Thursday, 11-November-2021 23:00

Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini distributes social aid to local communities in Asmat.
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini distributes social aid to local communities in Asmat.

ASMAT, NETRALNEWS.COM - The presence of Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini has received appreciation and a warm welcome from Regent Elisa Kambu and the Asmat community.

Exploring the distance of 3,500 kilometers from Jakarta to Asmat is an honor for local public figures, leaders, and communities. Moreover, the Minister of Social Affairs is here with a mission to build the welfare of the Asmat community.

"The visit of the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs in Asmat is the biggest award for us," said Regent Elisa Kambu, on Thursday (11/11/2021).

The Regent admitted that Tri RIsmaharini, also known as Risma, did not hesitate and was able to go directly to the village farthest from the Asmat Regency capital, namely Agats.

"In our opinion, this is very extraordinary and we respect the presence of the Minister of Social Affairs who is friendly and able to greet the community closely," he said.

The villages visited by Social Minister Risma were Kamur Village, Kasuari Beach District, Erosaman Village, and Amagais Der Komour District. In addition, Social Affairs Minister Risma also visited Agats City, the capital city of Asmat Regency, Papua

Elisa hopes that with the presence of the Minister of Social Affairs Risma visiting Kamur, Erosaman and Amagais villages, Der Komour District, development in Asmat will accelerate and progress.

The presence of the Minister of Social Affairs raises hopes and is a signal that the central government is getting serious about the development of Asmat. "Hopefully our area will become a serious concern for the central government through the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs," she continued.

On this occasion, the Minister of Social Affairs distributed various aids to the Asmat community. In total, the Ministry of Social Affairs distributed assistance worth IDR3.7 billion for vulnerable communities and residents of Remote Indigenous Communities (KAT) in Asmat Regency.

The assistance includes social assistance for KAT Empowerment for the second year in the form of life insurance for 45 families for 6 months, community center hall and equipment, clean water facilities, stimulants for laying hens business, suitable clothes for 100 families and additional food for 100 children.

The Ministry of Social Affairs also distributed assistance to Agats Diocese, namely five kiosk units and their contents in the form of basic necessities along with distribution of goods, magnetic generators and computers for each kiosk in five locations. The aid also includes ten laying hens farms, three longboats and honorarium for 6 local assistants for three years.

Then, assistance for handling extreme poverty was rolled out for 23 KAT groups in the form of vegetable farming and hydroponic crops. The social empowerment program was carried out by involving cross-sectoral participation, as well as donations in the form of books, crayons and globes in collaboration with PT Gramedia Asri Media to complete the library in the community center.

Regarding the assistance, Elisa explained, KAT assistance, which was focused on a number of villages in Asmat, was very useful. The assistance is considered very influential and able to encourage the community to develop. "All this assistance is a blessing given by the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia," he added.

This Number One person in Asmat added that through the socio-economic strengthening program and sustainable empowerment, it is hoped that it can increase the competitiveness and independence of the people in Asmat Regency and encourage the recovery of conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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