Social Affairs MInister Visits Tomb Complex of National hero Cut Nyak Dhien

Friday, 22-October-2021 17:00

Indonesian MInister of Social Affairs Tri RIsmaharini visits the tomb of Cut Nyak Dhien
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Indonesian MInister of Social Affairs Tri RIsmaharini visits the tomb of Cut Nyak Dhien

SUMEDANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - In welcoming the commemoration of National Heroes Day on November 10, Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini made a pilgrimage to the grave of national hero Cut Nyak Dhien in Sumedang, West Java. The Minister of Social Affairs listened to the Sumedang Regency government's plan to reorganize the tomb complex, which required the Ministry of Social Affairs' support.

Tri Rismaharini, also known as Risma, declared her presence to commemorate Cut Nyak Dien's great service in fighting for Indonesia's independence. The existence of Cut Nyak Dhien's tomb in Sumedang, according to the Minister of Social Affairs, has shown how challenging the struggle of this female hero from Aceh was.

"She was buried here, actually she was exiled by the invaders. In that era, being exiled to Sumedang is like being exiled to another country," said the Minister of Social Affairs at the Gunung Puyuh cemetery complex, Sukajaya Village, South Sumedang District, Sumedang, on Friday (10/22/2021).

Cut Nyak Dien's struggle should be an example for the current generation of Indonesians. Risma said Cut Nyak Dhien was persistent in fighting and was adamant that she would not give up. She continued to stir up resistance against the Dutch colonials from the lands of Aceh, even though her physical condition was very worrying.

"She did not want to give up. Even though she was weak and her vision was impaired, she kept fighting from within the forest. We achieved independence by fighting against the invaders. There are several nations whose independence was granted by the colonialists. We should be proud," the Social Affairs Minister said.

The Minister of Social Affairs wants the younger generation, who do not experience the physical struggle for independence, to remember, appreciate, and imitate the struggles of the heroes. According to the Minister of Social Affairs, people should emphasize the importance of the current generation understanding that today's independence has been pursued with an extremely challenging and long struggle by the heroes, including Cut Nyak Dhien.

An attitude of appreciating and imitating the struggles of the heroes can grow if they first know and understand the course of history.

"I don't know the details of why Cut Nyak Dien is buried here, and neither children nowadays," she said.

Therefore, the Minister of Social Affairs is thinking about a concept of activities or programs that can accommodate these needs. Risma plans to invite representatives of groups of the younger generation to visit the national hero graveyard alternately every year. In the program, it is possible to involve Karang Taruna (Youth Organization) as representatives of youth groups.

The Minister of Social Affairs also received input on the local government's plan to arrange the Cut Nyak Dhien grave complex. Regarding the local government's plan to make a master plan for structuring the tomb area, the Ministry of Social Affairs basically supports if the spirit of the rearrangement is to appreciate the services of the heroes.

"We'll see the local plan first. Hopefully we can help with a limited budget. I can't do it alone either. This needs to be discussed with all parties. In addition to the regions, the Aceh Government is also involved with community leaders, and historians. Cut Nyak Dhien belongs to the Indonesian people," Risma said.

The Minister of Social Affairs' visit to Cut Nyak Dien's tomb complex was welcomed by the Regent of Sumedang, Dony Ahmad Munir. To the Minister of Social Affairs, Dony presented the local government's plan to arrange the tomb complex.

"We conveyed to the Social Minister that we would make arrangements by creating a new route that goes directly to Cut Nyak Dhien's grave. For that it is necessary to have land acquisition. For that we need to ask for support and assistance from the Minister and all related parties, including the Aceh Government and Acehnese figures," he said.

Cut Nyak Dhien was exiled to Sumedang, West Java, in early 1906. This was done by the Dutch colonialists in order to avoid a retaliatory attack from the Acehnese fighters. In Sumedang, Cut Nyak Dhien was given a house to live in, which is close to the Great Mosque of Sumedang.

Cut Nyak Dhien was awarded the title of National Hero based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 116/TK/2015 dated November 4, 2015. Her name is immortalized as street names in various regions in Indonesia. Her name is also immortalized as the name of the Indonesian Navy Ship (KRI) Cut Nyak Dhien belonging to the Indonesian Navy.

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