Social Affairs Ministry and BNPT Establish Warung NKRI to Ward Off Radicalism and Intolerance

Monday, 16-August-2021 21:00

Social Affairs Ministry and BNPT Establish Warung NKRI to Ward Off Radicalism.
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Social Affairs Ministry and BNPT Establish Warung NKRI to Ward Off Radicalism.

BEKASI, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini has appreciated the idea of ​​establishing "Warung NKRI," which took place at the Attention Creation Center (SKA) of the Tan Miyat Center in Bekasi. Through Warung NKRI, the Minister of Social Affairs hopes that efforts to protect the people from radical and intolerant ideas can continue to be strengthened.

Today, the Ministry of Social Affairs, in collaboration with the National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT), launched the Home Affairs Forum for the Conscience of the Republic of Indonesia. Lieutenant Police General Boy Rafli Amar, Head of BNPT, expressed appreciation for the cooperation of all parties, including the strong support of the Ministry of Social Affairs in realizing Warung NKRI.

In line with the directive of the Minister of Social Affairs, Boy Rafli said that advances in information technology not only provide benefits for human life, but also pose a threat as it becomes a vehicle for the spreading of radical ideologies. Boy Rafli expressed gratitude to the Minister of Social Affairs for entrusting this place as the location for the establishment of Warung NKRI.

"The term warung is synonymous with a place where people usually gather and discuss. Community leaders and intellectuals in Bekasi and surrounding areas can strengthen the noble values ​​of the nation while maintaining diversity in this warung. Here, it can be a place for casual chats to sharpen and strengthen national attitudes," said Boy in his remarks at the launching of Warung NKRI, on Monday (08/16/2021).

Director General of Social Rehabilitation Harry Hikmat, who was present as a speaker on the occasion, said the idea of ​​establishing Warung NKRI was not easy, including finding the acronym Warung NKRI.

"The word warung has an identical meaning by using familiar people's resilience instruments. Warungs or stalls are used as a means for people to discuss, build consensus, and open their horizons,” he said.

Harry said the idea of Warung NKRI located at SKA Bekasi was in line with the government's efforts to tackle the growth of radicalism. The SKA was initiated by the Minister of Social Affairs by looking at the fact that there are still many people in the pre-prosperous status.

"They are living under bridges, slum houses and riverbanks. In their daily lives, they are often homeless, become scavengers, and live in carts. All of this is real and we are still seeing it. Those who open businesses here are a marginal group who were picked up by the Minister of Social Affairs to get social, psychological and entrepreneurial rehabilitation," Harry said.

Based on the perspective of the Ministry of Social Affairs, he said, poverty is placing a person vulnerable to being exposed to intolerant and radical ideas, even though poverty is not the only factor. SKA was established to change the understanding that the social services centers of the Ministry of Social Affairs is not only to change the attitudes and behavior of beneficiaries.

"The Minister of Social Affairs emphasized to us that the the centers also a place to ensure that beneficiaries can live prosperous independently by fostering their mental, physical and spiritual health. The establishment of SKA is part of an effort to provide a better life for the beneficiaries as a whole," Hary added.

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