Social Affairs Ministry Conducts COVID-19 Vaccination for the Elderly in Bekasi

Thursday, 03-June-2021 14:00

An elderly is getting a COVID-19 vaccination at the Budhi Dharma Elderly Center in Bekasi.
Image : Kementerian Sosial
An elderly is getting a COVID-19 vaccination at the Budhi Dharma Elderly Center in Bekasi.

BEKASI, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, through the Budhi Dharma Elderly Center in Bekasi, has carried out the COVID-19 Vaccination program. The vaccination was carried out to 10 residential Beneficiaries (PM), who received social services in the center. There is also an elderly PM in the community around the center at Ukrida Hospital, Jakarta.

The vaccination implementation is in collaboration with Ukrida Hospital and the KILLCOVID-19 community.

Sukamto (64), Chairperson of the Elderly Community (64), expresed happiness when the elderly who are members of the community would be vaccinated at the Budhi Dharma Bekasi center.

"Alhamdulillah, this activity is eagerly awaited by the elderlies here. Hopefully this vaccination can provide good immunity from COVID-19 for the elderly," Sukamto said in Bekasi, on Thursday (06/03/2021).

The Indonesian government is currently continuing to boost the implementation of Covid-19 vaccinations for vulnerable groups. These include the elderly in Indonesia, who are the most vulnerable age group with a fairly high mortality rate of 49.4 percent, according to data announced by the COVID-19 handling task force.

"Thank you. I appreciate this activity. This is a very good form of education for the community, especially the elderly, regarding this vaccine. The elderlies who have been vaccinated will later inform the public that they have been vaccinated and are safe," said the Acting Director General of Disease Prevention and Control at the Ministry of Health Maxi Rein Rondonuwu when opening the activity.

The COVID-19 Handling Task Force said that around 80-85 percent of the COVID-19 death rate in Indonesia occurred in vulnerable groups, namely the elderly, children, and people with congenital or comorbid diseases.

As many as seven percent of COVID-19 patients treated at the COVID-19 Emergency Hospital at Wisma Atlet Kemayoran Jakarta are people who do not do daily activities outside the home and strictly adhere to health protocols.

This means that there are family members who leave the house, are in a crowd that has the potential for transmission, and bring the virus into the house to infect other family members. People who are outside the house should not create a crowd because the impact is very fatal, which can transmit the virus to families at home.

The public must continue to strictly implement the health protocols to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Namely by applying principles such as wearing masks, keeping a distance, avoiding crowds, and washing hands with soap.

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