Social Affairs Ministry Continues to Provide Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training for People with Disabilities

Thursday, 16-September-2021 10:00

Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini (right)
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini (right)

BANJARBARU, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, through the Social Rehabilitation Centers, continues to develop entrepreneurship and vocational development centers as well as media for promoting the work of beneficiaries in an inclusive area, or also called the ATENSI Creative Center (SKA) so that beneficiaries are able to live independently and productively.

The ATENSI Creative Center in Budi Luhur, Banjarbaru City, became the 8th location which was inaugurated directly by Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini. This inauguration was also carried out at the same time as the delivery of Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) assistance worth IDR863,395,500 which was symbolically handed over by the Social Affairs Minister, Governor of South Kalimantan, Deputy Mayor, and Banjarbaru Police chief to the beneficiaries.

Tri Rismaharini, also known as Risma, inspected Budi Luhur's SKA in Banjarbaru City, and visited booths consisting of multi-business cooperatives, Budi Luhur cafe, Sasirangan Gallery, handicrafts, culinary centers, hydroponic nursery, laundry, and BL mart.

One of the outlets at SKA Budi Luhur in Banjarbaru is a multi-business cooperative which is also prepared to meet the needs of Beneficiary Families (KPM) of Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT) in the form of carbohydrate sources such as rice and sources of animal protein such as eggs and eggs. fish, but it also provides vegetable protein such as tofu, tempeh and nuts.

This multi-business cooperative also provides sources of vitamins and minerals that are also important for health, such as fruits and vegetables. This is expected to help KPM and the community in fulfilling nutrition and preventing stunting.

The ATENSI Creative Center aims to improve the entrepreneurial and vocational abilities of beneficiaries, create employment opportunities for beneficiaries, increase socio-economic independence, improve the social welfare of beneficiaries from the poorest/marginalized/abandoned groups (extrame poverty) as well as create shopping and recreation areas in an area. area.

In the ATENSI Creative Center, there is a Culinary Center that serves food and beverages that are processed and served directly by the beneficiaries. The representative of the Banjarbaru Police Chief, Nur Khamid, was one of the visitors who enjoyed the food and beverage menu at the Culinary Center. "We hope that this culinary center in SKA can develop, people can enjoy the places provided here", said Nur Khamid.

Isra (38 years old), one of the beneficiaries at Budi Luhur Center who has a nervous breakdown in the head due to the violence experienced can engage in various activities such as catering, sewing, hairdressing and making salted eggs. Isra is now studying entrepreneurship at the ATENSI Creative Center, namely the Culinary Center.

"Alhamdulillah (thank God), the daily income is IDR300,000. My hope is that after leaving Budi Luhur, I can be independent, able to develop the knowledge that has been obtained here so that in the future it will be more successful. I plan to open a business, selling cakes online for the side," said Isra.

In the inauguration of the ATENSI Creative Center, Social Minister Risma also handed over ATENSI assistance with a total aid of IDR863,395,500 to beneficiaries in Banjar Baru City.

The total ATENSI assistance provided to 79 orphans, orphans and orphans (YAPI) is in the form of savings. 209 people were provided with entrepreneurship assistance which included staple needs shops, livestock business, stalls, brick making, convection, workshop, selling bananas, seeds, used motorcycles, selling pulses and cellphone accessories, Sasirangan batik, painting, massage business, barbershop, noodle printing and service. electronic.

Furthermore, 56 people were provided with accessibility assistance in the form of adaptive guide sticks, wheelchairs, hearing aids, tripod sticks, walkers, baby strollers and 119 beneficiaries received assistance in the form of basic needs which include diapers, nutrition, milk, clothing and basic necessities.

Social Affairs Minister Risma said that the Ministry of Social Affairs has a program for handling Covid-19 victims, especially for orphans.

"So, this year we are providing compensation for children who are victims of Covid-19. We also provide compensation for our brothers and sisters who really need it," said Social Affairs Minister Risma.

The assistance given to orphans are in the form of savings. Orphans who are not yet in school are given savings assistance worth IDR300,000/month, while those who are already in school are given savings assistance worth IDR200,000/month.

The Minister of Social Affairs said that next year's aid plan is focused on all orphans. For 2021, this is specifically for children who are victims of Covid-19.

Risma continues to provide reinforcement and motivation to the beneficiaries, one of which is orphans left behind due to Covid-19.

"Currently you are orphans because you are the children chosen and most loved by Allah SWT. Therefore you must not despair, do not need to be discouraged and humble. Prove that you are children that are trustworthy," she said.

One of the children who received ATENSI assistance for orphans in the form of savings, Rais Elfathoni (10 years old) who is an orphan conveyed his feelings when he could speak directly to Social Affairs Minister Risma.

"I am more enthusiastic, happy to meet the Minister. I hope that I can be successful and can make my mother and my two younger brothers happy," said Rais, who has the dream of opening a small restaurant business.

This ATENSI support is a collaboration of several Centers and Workshops, namely the Meohai Kendari Workshop, the Gowa Mabaji Gau Center, the Banjarbaru Budi Luhur Center, the Soeharso Surakarta Center, the Jakarta Melati Center, the Wyata Guna Center in Bandung, the Kartini Temanggung Center, and the Bogor Pakuan Galih Center.

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