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Social Affairs Ministry Helps Man with Mental Disorder Reunite with Family after 12 Years

Senin, 11-Oktober-2021 12:00

Social Affairs Ministry Helps Man with Mental Disorder Reunite with Family after 12 Years
Foto : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Social Affairs Ministry Helps Man with Mental Disorder Reunite with Family after 12 Years

NORTH PADANG LAWAS, NETRALNEWS.COM - After 12 years of being separated, the mentally disabled DH (45 years) finally met his family. The reunification effort cannot be separated from the role of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, through the Phala Martha Sukabumi Center.

Rahardian Wherlita, a social worker representing Phala Martha Center, reunified and handed back DH to his family at his home in Sipupus Village, North Padang Lawas, North Sumatra Province, on October 5, 2021. DH's younger sister, Dina Mariana, is very grateful to have met her brother.

"I am very grateful to have met my brother. Thank you to Phala Martha Center for reuniting DH with us, and for taking care of DH while at the center," said Dina recently.

DH is a person with a mental disability. He left his family in Sipupus Village. DH's journey reached Surabaya. DH was found by officers on the ground,  and received services at UPTD Liponsos Keputih Surabaya. He was then referred to undergo social rehabilitation at Phala Martha center on March 2021.

"While at the center until early October 2021, his mental health condition is stable and calm," said the Head of the Phala Center Martha Cup Santo, as in a written statement received by Netralnews, on Monday (10/11/2021).

"Social workers always evaluate DH's progress, and continue to try to trace the whereabouts of his family," said Cup.

From the search results, DH still has a family. The social workers were able find his whereabouts and establish communication with DH's family.

According to the Padang Bolak Julu Regional Babinsa, the PKH Facilitator Kab. North Padang Lawas and Head of Social Welfare District. North Padang Lawas, DH has a younger sister named Dina Mariana.

"DH's biological sister and biological mother really hope that Phala Martha Center can take DH home," said Babinsa.

The results of the evaluation carried out on DH, he already has good social functioning. The family has also been found and is ready to receive him back at home so that DH is ready to be sent home.

With these considerations, Phala Martha center carried out reunification and termination of residential-based social rehabilitation assistance services for DH.

On the occasion of reunification, the Head of Social Rehabilitation of the North Padang Lawas Regency, Muhammad Affan, expressed his gratitude to Phala Martha center.

"We will try to provide assistance to DH. Now, the monitoring of DH can be carried out by Phala Martha center in synergy with us," he said.

Also present on the occasion were the Village Secretary, PKH Facilitator, the Social Service of North Padang Lawas Regency and the family and neighbors who gathered at DH's house.

The atmosphere of emotion, full of intimacy and gratitude was felt to welcome DH's return home. Food was prepared by the family for the guests who were present as an expression of family happiness and gratitude.

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