Social Affairs Ministry Holds Webinar on National Children's Day

Wednesday, 21-July-2021 18:52

Social Affairs Ministry Holds Webinar on National Children's Day
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Social Affairs Ministry Holds Webinar on National Children's Day

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Welcoming National Children's Day, the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs holds a webinar with the concept of "From Children, By Children, for Children," on Wednesday (07/21/2021). This event involved children ranging from moderators, speakers, entertainment performances, and audiences from children.

Director General of Social Rehabilitation Harry Hikmat said this activity was here to fill children's time at home during a pandemic like now.

"Children's lives now are very different from before the pandemic, namely now activities outside the home are limited. In accordance with the direction of Kak Risma, our Minister of Social Affairs, Children's Day should not only be a D-day momentum, but also be filled with positive activities including this webinar," said Harry explaining to the children.

Harry said that through webinars, children can express ideas, express and convey ideas, and discuss various things.

The webinar, with the theme "Making Friends in the COVID-19 Pandemic," was attended by a total of about 900 participants, generally consisting of children from various regions in Indonesia, either through the Zoom Meeting application or live broadcast through the Ministry of Social Affairs' YouTube channel.

"This (webinar) is a series of National Children's Day which is commemorated every July 23. The Ministry of Social Affairs will also hold a series of other events online, considering the atmosphere is still Emergency PPKM," Harry said.

A total of seven resource persons represented children from various backgrounds consisting of Hati Bening Asy-syahidah (violin player), Febriyanti Prayitno (top scorer at the 2019 Children's Jamboree), Rangga Arya Sandika (former Taekwondo champion), Dandi Resando (high achieving student) from Semarang City who had participated in the UNICEF program), Dodi Tanoga (Foundation for Modern Diakoneia Campus), Jason (Foundation for Modern Diakoneia Campus), Roudhotul Esa Maharani, and moderated by Nabila (junior high school student in Jakarta).

They shared knowledge and experiences about tips on communicating with friends during a pandemic, bullying behavior and ways to avoid bullying, toxic friendships, and tips to stay away from negative associations.

In line with the speakers, the Chairperson of the Indonesian Child Protection Agency (LPAI) Seto Mulyadi, or Kak Seto, said the message to children was to take care of each other so as not to enter into negative behaviors.

"Maintain a harmonious relationship with parents. For parents, I also advise to accompany our beloved children. Children are to broaden their horizons with various knowledge, avoid watching negative content, develop talents and interests, do activities, always achieve and learn to achieve goals," said Kak Seto to children in Indonesia in general.

In addition to today's webinar, the Ministry of Social Affairs held a series of other activities, namely writing competitions, drawing on 8-14 July, painting, and photographs; Webinar "Storytelling My Culture" on July 22; Workshop "Dream of a Strong Child" on July 23; Children's Diary on July 25; Talkshow "Sharing Through Hobbies" on July 25; and the highlight of the National Children's Day celebration on July 29.

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