Social Affairs Ministry Prepares IDR7.08 Trillion for 5.9 Million Families

Tuesday, 20-July-2021 21:50

Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri RIsmaharini
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri RIsmaharini

SURABAYA, NETRALNEWS.COM - At the directive of Indonesian President Joko Widodo, the Ministry of Social Affairs has compiled various social assistance programs to reduce the impact of policies to restrict community activities.

Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharani has asked the public to remain calm, as during an emergency the government distributes quite a variety of assistance to the public. The latest social aid program is a policy to provide assistance to 5.9 million Beneficiary Receivers (KPM).

"They are completely new. The data is from the local governments. The assistance is IDR200,000/KPM during July-December 2021," said Tri Rismaharini, also known as Risma, at a press conference with the media in Surabaya, on Tuesday (07/20/2021).

For this purpose, the Ministry of Social Affairs has allocated a budget of IDR7.08 trillion.

In addition, a new policy has been launched in order to reduce the burden on the public, along with the Implementation of the Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM). The program is the distribution of rice.

The Ministry of Social Affairs distributed 5 kg of rice assistance specifically for informal sector workers affected by the pandemic in Java-Bali, namely the Emergency PPKM implementation zone. The recipients are food stall owners, street vendors, motorcycle taxi drivers, casual workers, day laborers, contract employees, and so on, who cannot work due to activity restrictions.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Social Affairs has prepared a total of 2,010 tons of rice. A total of 122 district/city governments received 3,000 packages of rice each (per package weighing 5 kg) and 6,000 packages (per package weighing 5 kg) for the six provincial capitals.

In addition, the Ministry of Social Affairs is also partnering with Perum Bulog in distributing rice weighing 10 kg/KPM for 10 million KPM PKH, 10 million KPM BST, and 8.8 million KPM Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT)/Non-PKH Staple Goods Cards.

The Minister of Social Affairs explained that the party distributing the funds was Perum Bulog, while the Ministry of Social Affairs only sent recipient data to the Ministry of Finance. The total volume for rice from Perum Bulog is 200,000,000 kg.

"With the help of rice aid, it is hoped that it will fulfill some of the basic needs of KPM affected by the pandemic. Rice assistance in 5 kg packages is also being distributed by the TNI-Polri," said the Minister of Social Affairs.

In the context of implementing social protection programs, the Ministry of Social Affairs also optimizes the existing social assistance programs, namely PKH, BPNT/Staple Goods Cards and BST. The third phase of PKH channel, namely for the months of July-August-September, will be distributed in July 2021.

"The Ministry of Social Affairs has also disbursed BST for 10 million KPM for 2 months, namely May-June, which was disbursed in July. Then for the 18.8 million KPM BPNT/Staple Goods Cards, you will get an additional two or two months, namely in July and August. So they seem to have received 14 months,” said the Minister of Social Affairs.

For PKH, the Minister of Social Affairs reminded that even though the target for assistance is 10 million KPM, the actual number of people receiving PKH assistance is more than 33,674,865 people. "Because the assistance for PKH participants is based on the components in the family," continued Social Affairs Minister Risma.

The budget for PKH is IDR28.3 trillion, and BPNT/Staple Goods Cards of IDR42.3 trillion are channeled through the Association of State-Ownsed Banks (Himbara). Then for BST, a budget of IDR15.1 trillion is distributed by PT Pos Indonesia.

"With these three social assistances, it is expected to increase people's purchasing power," said the Minister of Social Affairs.

In following up on President Joko Widodo's directive to speed up the distribution of social assistance to the beneficiaries, Social Minister Risma continued to move door to door. Social Minister Risma also had a chance to check on the beneficiaries of BST, BPNT/Sembako Program, and PKH in Surakarta City.

During the field check, the Minister of Social Affairs did not forget to take a photo of the KTP/KK and PKH cards as a form of checking and a form of transparency. Before leaving the location, the Minister of Social Affairs asked the assistants to continue to oversee and if there were any problems, they would be immediately addressed so that the residents would receive social assistance immediately.

"The task of the assistants is to help residents get social assistance according to their rights, and if there are problems, please help," said the Minister of Social Affairs.

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