Social Affairs Ministry Recruits 1,265 Social Counselor Volunteers throughout Indonesia

Tuesday, 14-September-2021 18:00

Social Affairs Ministry Recruits 1,265 Social Counselor Volunteers throughout Indonesia
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Social Affairs Ministry Recruits 1,265 Social Counselor Volunteers throughout Indonesia

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Commission VIII of the House of Representatives have given positive appreciation for the role of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs in implementing social welfare development agenda. Social instructors play an important role in mobilizing the role of the communities.

Yandri Susanto, Chairperson of Commission VIII, said Community Social Counseling volunteers (Pensosmas) have an important contribution in managing and solving social challenges through the dissemination of accurate information. With the target of working in more than 74,000 villages in Indonesia, the roles and responsibilities of Social Guidance Services are increasingly strategic. With around 74,000 villages, of course, social problems are very complex.

"To manage the complexity of the existing problems, of course, is not easy. With good and proper management of information and communication, Pensosmas is able to accelerate the realization of social welfare in the villages," Yandri said at the Social Guidance Socialization event, Social Resilience Village, as in a written statement received by Netralnews, on Tuesday (09/14/2021).

Yandri said social issues are the responsibility of all stakeholders. He also assessed that the social guidance workers were the spearhead in solving social problems because they interacted directly with the community.

"The social guidance workers are like Superman. Whatever the problems they have in the village, they go to the social guidance workers. The problems range from food assistance, drugs, to dropping out of school. Therefore, they must get appreciation through decent income," he said.

Yandri was present at the event, along with Deputy Chairman of Commission VIII DPR, Tb Ace Hasan Syadzili, and members of Commission VIII Umar Bashor and Samsu Niang.

On the same occasion, Secretary to the Head of the Ministry of Social Education, Research and Social Extension (BP3S) Amin Rahardjo said that in realizing sustainable social welfare development, the Government, through the Ministry of Social Affairs, involves elements of the community because it is considered strategic and very close to the target group.

Social Community is expected to be able to unite and mobilize the community, through the dissemination of useful and accurate information.

"By disseminating the right information, it is hoped that it will be able to create changes in the behavior of community groups. Puspensos has recruited volunteers from the community, helping the government to disseminate accurate information," said Amin.

According to Amin, currently the Ministry of Social Affairs has recruited 1,265 volunteer social guidance workers in 34 provinces in Indonesia, who are government partners to deal with social problems and become community mobilizers. In 2021, Amin said, 200 social workers were recruited to be equipped with skills in the field of information and education so that the public could obtain correct information.

"Social volunteers are equipped with skills in the field of adequate educational information, so that they are more efficient as government partners, so that multi-talents are needed," he said.

Amin explained that social guidance workers are the initial movement of the basic program of activities in the community through empathy, mutual cooperation and social self-help. In the future, the Ministry of Social Affairs will synergize the tasks and roles with PKH, BPNT and other social workers.

“I want all social guidance workers to play an active role with the central and local governments to ensure that people get their rights. It is necessary to increase the capacity of human resources, with a competency test," he said.

This socialization activity was attended by 200 candidates for Social Guidance Workers, and carried out simultaneously in six locations, including: Yogyakarta, Garut, West Bandung, Belitung, Bone, and Lumajang, through the blended method; which combines online and offline.

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