Social Affairs Ministry Supports Social Empowerment Acceleration through ProKUS

Saturday, 28-August-2021 19:00

Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini (center, white  mask)
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini (center, white mask)

BANDUNG REGENCY, NETRALNEWS.COM - Efforts to accelerate poverty alleviation in Indonesia are carried out by the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, supported by Commission VIII of the House of Representatives. One of the efforts is through social empowerment in the Social Entrepreneurship Program (ProKUS).

Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini, also known as Risma, hopes that ProKUS can grow and develop in line with micro-economic enterprises through continuous business assistance and incubation.

"In the future, ProKUS is expected to be able to improve the living standards of KPMs in a sustainable manner, for example in the home industry, services, culinary, handicrafts, creative industries, agricultural cultivation and agro-tourism," said Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini, who was accompanied by Deputy Chairman of Commission VIII TB Ace Hasan Syadzily. , representatives of nine fractions of Commission VIII, Secretariat of Commission VIII, and experts during a working visit to Bandung Regency, on Friday (08/27/2021).

On that occasion, the Minister of Social Affairs and her entourage visited the stalls of KPMs that received ProKUS and as role models who have succeeded in developing their business through various processed products from the Culinary Cluster and the Fashion Cluster, such as Combring Raja Rasa, Tempe Bu Ade, and Cibo Konvensi.

One of those visited by the Minister of Social Affairs was ProKUS beneficiary receiver (KPM) Yani Suryani, with the product Combro Kering (Combring) Raja Rasa which was immediately promoted in front of invited guests and media crews.

The Minister of Social Affairs also requested that the recipients of Uninhabitable Houses Renovation (Rutilahu) program could be integrated with ProKUS.

"In the future, we can integrate the recipients of the Rutilahu program with ProKUS so that efforts can be made to reduce poverty quickly. For example, if you want to buy a combring, please contact Yani, she will give you the contact number," said Social Affairs Minister Risma.

In 2020, Yani Suryani became a ProKUS KPM from Sindang Gerta Village, Malaka Village, West Bandung Regency. Yani Suryani is an example of ProKUS KPM which has successfully developed their business in the culinary field, with marketing from Greater Jakarta to Bali, and an online store is available.

As social pillars, Karang Taruna is required to remain productive, creative and continue to innovate with the spirit of mutual cooperation, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic that is still engulfing the country.

Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini's message is that Karang Taruna always maintain unity and togetherness and play a better role so that it is useful and continues to contribute to the nation and state.

"Let's maintain unity and keep moving forward together and it's time to think productively by increasing the capacity and ability of its members," she said.

Regarding the Social Entrepreneurship Program (ProKUs) this year, it is planned to be given to Karang Taruna, in addition to getting assistance from business mentors, teaching packaging and marketing so as to increase competence and the economy.

Of the many innovative and creative youth organizations, one of them in Cileunyi Wetan Village is active in empowerment activities and developing community potential through productive economic business activities in the form of temulawak juice drinks, cassava chips, and tempe chips.

In the midst of the dwindling art of bone carving, members of youth organization preserve the craft by empowering the potential of the surrounding community through various carving trainings, such as stick craft from cow bones and sculpture that has penetrated the markets in Bali.

In addition, the Minister of Social Affairs also visited the stand of Karang Taruna Citra Pemuda Village, Laksana Mekar Village, West Bandung Regency, which is actively engaged in community empowerment and environmental hygiene.

In recent years, they has actively carried out various innovations in waste processing through BSF maggot cultivation. Also, Citra Pemuda youth organization introduced a brewed tea product made from Telang Flower which is efficacious for lowering blood sugar levels.

Ending the series of visits, the Minister of Social Affairs distributed social assistance in the form of 1,270 packages of masks and vitamins for the underprivileged and affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through youth organizations.

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