Sudan Set to Hand Former President Omar al-Bashir to ICC

Sunday, 27-June-2021 19:00

Ousted Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir.
Image : ANTARA/REUTERS/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah
Ousted Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

KHARTOUM, NETRALNEWS.COM - The government of Sudan will hand over ousted President Omar al-Bashir and a number of former leading members of his government to the International Criminal Court (ICC), an official said on Saturday (06/27/2021).

"The government decided to hand over Bashir and other criminals to the ICC after approval of the ICC procedures," said Federal Affairs Minister Buthaina Dinar at a press briefing, as reported by Anadolu.

He said the handover would follow the conclusion of Bashir's trial on corruption and other unlawful acts in a local court.

Bashir and three other officials were indicted by the Hague-based court on a range of charges, including war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity, as reported by Antara.

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