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Tips and Tricks on Taking Care of White Cars

Senin, 06-December-2021 20:00

illustration: white car
Foto : Wikimedia
illustration: white car

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The color white is now a favorite for users of four-wheeled vehicles, especially cars. The color white for cars has even become a trend among global automotive enthusiasts.

The choice of white is not just a trend. There are several advantages to choosing this color, namely highlighting the exterior, and reflecting sunlight so that the cabin is cooler.

Another advantage is that white cars are also easier to see. The reflection of light from various light sources, both natural and light, is stronger when emitted by white cars.

So how do you take care of a white car? How is it different from cars of other colors?

As reported by CNN, there is no special treatment that is needed to make a white car look clean. The care and treatment is the same as any other cars with different colors.

However, because the car's color is white, the car owner is obliged to be diligent in paying attention to the condition of the exterior or body of the car.

Wash the car diligently

First, washing the car is a must. However, so that the exterior appearance and white color are always maximal, car orners must be diligent in washing their car.

There is one potential problem that is quite typical for white cars, namely the exterior car's color turning yellowish.

Avoid parking in open spaces

The causes of the yellowing effect include the habit of leaving the car in a dirty condition for too long, aka rarely washing the car, too often parking in a location that is not shady or without a roof and so on.

So avoid this habit. In addition, we can also do body polishing to maintain the white luster to keep it cool and look attractive.

Exposure to sunlight can trigger a yellowish car body. Therefore, as much as possible when traveling or at home park your white car in a closed room.

Tips for washing white cars

Washing a white car is more of a challenge than cars of other colors, especially if there is already a lot of dirt on the surface.

Do not immediately wash a stained car with liquid soap. Rinse first with plain water, until the dirt softens and fades naturally.

When the surface is free from rough stains, then it's time to wash the car with soapy liquid. This is done to avoid the risk of the stain spreading and not being monitored by the owner.

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