Trade Ministry Eyes Boosting Sales Transactions Using QRIS

Tuesday, 10-August-2021 20:00

Image : Pxfuel

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga says the Indonesian Ministry of Trade continues to push the digitization of markets and transactions. Therefore, the ministry continues to socialize and urge stakeholders to make optimal use of QRIS (Quick Response code Indonesian Standard).

Jerry said the message must be delivered continuously to support adaptation and transformation in trade mechanisms, including in efforts to mitigate the pandemic.

"This pandemic sends a message to us so that we can transform to be more digitalized. Optimal use of QRIS is one of the concrete steps in digitizing payments so that it is safer in health and faster and more practical from a technical point of view of transactions," Jerry said in a statement on Tuesday (08/10/2021).

He said the dissemination of QRIS by traders and entrepreneurs will be very beneficial. This is because traders and business actors will reduce the hassle and complexity of the cash transaction process.

Indonesian society has always had a culture of cash transactions. It takes quite an intensive effort to be able to switch to digital transactions. Culture must be changed little by little because in the future, everything will be digitized.

"Even for urban areas, not all people use digital transactions optimally. So it is everyone's collective duty to continue to educate the public," added Jerry.

In Jerry's opinion, in the midst of a pandemic, the use of QRIS will also open a breakthrough in the shopping process. Jerry said that in order to be able to sell in the midst of various restrictions on social activities, the use of QRIS could open up new alternatives.

He gave an example that with the installation of QRIS combined with online sales systems such as WA, tenants at malls can still sell.

"So the tenants just have to install QRIS. Send the QRIS barcode to the whatsapp network and others. So customers order and pay directly without having to go to the mall, only through the online network. That way the impact of the pandemic on sales can be suppressed," said the Vice Minister of Trade.

Jerry added that in addition to benefiting the public and business actors, digitizing transactions will also benefit the state, particularly in helping Bank Indonesia to reduce the use of physical or hard money.

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