A Few Good Tips on Creating Strong Passwords

Tuesday, 15-June-2021 20:10

illustration: login page that asks for username and password.
Image : Wikimedia
illustration: login page that asks for username and password.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Many daily activities using the internet through mobile phones and computers or laptops require users to set a login name or id and password.

Password is a collection of characters or secret words that serve to verify users’ identity. Passwords have certainly become a familiar part for internet users.

In the web services, passwords require to be created with a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, as well as special characters.

The idea of password came from a man named Bill Burr, a former manager at an institute called the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Through the posts contained in the agency's journals, he explained about how to create a secure password with the terms as mentioned above.

Based on information cited from the Wall Street Journal, Burr admitted that his research on secure passwords is not accurate. In fact, it is also known if he is a security expert or not.

After knowing the facts above, then how to actually create a secure password? As quoted from Gizmodo, Burr explained that even a short password using a combination of letters (large), numbers, and special characters will be much easier to guess using a simple mathematical method, compared to using a few simple words that form phrases in password-solving techniques on computers.

Even in an illustration, it is shown that short passwords with special character combinations can be solved within 3 days. While a combination of 4 long words is estimated to take 550 years to guess.

Therefore, NIST is making new recommendations for creating secure passwords, by using a few long words and forming phrases.

In addition to more secure, of course, passwords will be easier to remember than using a password with a dizzying combination of characters.

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